fourth street review introduction

Hi. I’m Rory. Thanks for stopping by fourth street review. I’m a librarian by day and book reviewer by night and a great many things in between (nothing particularly noteworthy, but ask if you’re curious). Despite my background being in anthropology and geology, I have an unadulterated love of fiction for all ages (and incidentally, yes, I once harbored hopes of being the next Indiana Jones – sadly that honor went to Shia LaBeouf – I have mixed feelings about that).

This blog will be about books I read and things I love (including, but of course not limited to, fiction, food, travel, and anything with stripes or polka dots). Also, I write adult’s and children’s reviews for Examiner, National edition and am the featured fiction reviewer for their book club. Please stay awhile! I’d love to hear from you (really – it just about makes my day) at

My writing, elsewhere:

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