Hanging Lake

Making: Tonight: Salted Caramel Milkshake. Like I need this, but whatever.
Drinking: Ice water. Exciting times around her.
Reading: Beneath the Bonfire // Nikolas Butler
Coveting: This DIY cat litter contraption. And it’s Ikea! I recently adopted two new cats, bringing the total to four. Brilliant.
Listening: Twilight / William Gay
Watching: Daredevil. SO excited.
Smelling: Absolutely nothing (see feeling)
Wishing:  For summer! I’m tentatively going to Lake Tahoe.
Enjoying: This easy pasta series. I LOVE pasta. Love it.
LovingFelt ball (pom pom) Garland. I feel like I should be more mature than this. But I’m not.
Needing: Cough drops. I am not pleased.
Feeling: Sick. I have the flu. This may be the hardest part about working with the public. And I feel like this year has been particularly brutal.
Wearing: ALL the flannel. Still. I don’t have a thing, but if I did it would be flannel. Angela Chase style. (Yeah, I’m never changing this answer.)
Wanting: Sleep! I recently moved my littlest out of his crib and he discovered that he can get out of bed. A 3am. And 4am. And…you get the idea.
Hiking: Throwing this one in here because the photo above was taken on a recent hike up to Hanging Lake.

So how have you been lately? Anyone else have four cats and feel one step away from crazy cat lady?

15 thoughts on “Lately.

    1. I think we’re going towards the end of June and I’m so excited. It’s one of those places that’s driving distance (though a long one – 15 hours of so), we just never think of it. It looks gorgeous.


  1. How about 3 cats, a dog, and 2 guinea pigs? Kinda wish I had 4 cats instead – dogs are so much more work. (I love him, though, really.)
    I have to stop clicking on any recipe links you put up. Now, I want pasta and milkshakes for breakfast. Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that I don’t have any of the ingredients. 🙂


  2. What a gorgeous picture – must have been a fantastic hike. How’s Beneath the Bonfire? I loved Shotgun Lovesongs and don’t think it got the love it deserved…and I just got my ARC of Beneath the Bonfires, but haven’t started it yet. And – we also just moved my oldest to the big bed and had a similar problem – ours was crazy early morning wake-ups. But, got him a clock that lights up green when he can get out of bed…then he gets something taken away if he gets out before green and a treat if he stays in. It’s taken a long time, but I think it’s starting to work 🙂


  3. Beautiful photo! My husband and hiked to Hanging Lake back when we were in college and lived in Colorado. We have the coolest frame-worthy picture of us standing out on a log in the lake… except he’s blinking! Sigh.

    A salted caramel milkshake sounds delicious! I will definitely be checking out that recipe.


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