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May 11th Reading

After a very rainy week that ended in several inches of snow, I knew I needed a break of some sort. The theater by where I work was playing Far From the Madding Crowd. I think it probably became obvious that I was a Thomas Hardy fan when I declared that if I ever had a daughter, I wanted to name her Thomasin (after Return of the Native). That’s if you read that far back in the archives, which you probably hadn’t. So there you go, you’re welcome for that personal bit of information (for the record, not pregnant). However, I have not read the classic love story on which the movie was based. And after seeing the movie this weekend, I knew that I had to. I loved it and thought it was absolutely wonderful. I’ve never been a Carey Mulligan fan, but this movie changed my mind.

The other book I’m reading is Oil and Honey by Bill McKibben. It’s not that exciting and I’m reading it for book club, so it feels a little more like an obligation than a pleasure. Anyone else ever struggle with this? The worst part is…I picked the book. Oops!

It’s Monday, May 11th, what are you reading? Anyone else have crazy weather this week (I should note it was perfect reading weather).

25 thoughts on “Now Reading…

  1. I’m glad to hear you loved the movie! I read Far From the Madding Crowd just a few weeks ago knowing that I would want to see the movie. Now I can’t wait!
    I have found myself in the same situation for a book club – forcing myself through a book that I might normally have put down. But, the discussions can still be good, and then I am glad that I read it. (So far, it hasn’t been my own pick, but I’m new at book club so I’m sure that will change soon enough.)


  2. So how bad is it that when you mentioned Thomas Hardy I thought of the actor Tom Hardy and thought, “Yes, he’s fantastic!” and then finally clued in and at least it’s Monday and very early and that’s my excuse. I do love the cover to that book, however.


  3. I struggle with that in my book club(s) – yes, plural – as well. Even when I pick the book, and I’m looking forward to reading it… all of a sudden it’s that month, and I’m like nah…. but then do it anyways. The brain is so weird.


  4. Re: Oil and Honey, that’s how I feel about my current read (Grain of Truth by Stephen Yafa). I was offered a galley and thanked the publicist endlessly because I was so excited to read it. Now I’m 2/3 done and really trudging…finishing feels like an obligation. Sigh.


      1. 😦

        I don’t really have time to read as much as I’d like to, because I have a deadline coming up and so much work to do. But I figured I would participate anyway.


  5. So glad to hear Far From the Madding Crowd was a good movie. It’s next on my list! I already owned it, but really only decided to read it because the movie preview interested me. We have testing coming up and I’m going to sit and read it between duties.


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