Needles Highway
Super Easy Skinny Crockpot Lasagna. Want to sell me something? Put easy and skinny in the same sentence.
Drinking: I’ve been looking for Snapple Lemonade. Do they still even make it? I blame Wild.
Reading: Ana in California // Andi Teran. More accurately, I’m getting ready to write the review. The book has been read.
Coveting: This kitchen. But what about cabinets, right?
Listening: Shelter from the Storm // Bob Dylan
Watching: Bloodline. Love it. Take me to the Florida Keys, please.
Smelling: Rain.
Wishing: For more beach days!
Loving: Having my family in town.
Needing: Another vacation. And this headband.
Feeling: Plainly worn out. Summer vacation is kicking my ass. My kids appear well rested though. So, there’s that…
Wearing: ALL the flannel. Still. I don’t have a thing, but if I did it would be flannel. Angela Chase style. (Yeah, I’m never changing this answer.)
Wanting: Birkenstocks! But it’s just so trendy blogger… I bet my feet would be thrilled though.
Wondering: Why, when I finally put together a post I love, is get so few comments? It’s weird how that works, right?
Hiking: North Table Mountain. Lichen Peak has been a popular destination lately.

Serious question for women out there? Hair care… I need a really good deep conditioner recommendation.

20 thoughts on “Lately.

  1. I tossed my purchased-in-high-school Birkenstocks last summer (12 years was a pretty good run) and now I feel like it would be totally irresponsible to drop $120 on a new pair. But I miss them. So much.


  2. That lasagna looks amazing.
    I’ve been wanting Birkenstocks for a long time, too, but, like Carolyn, I find it hard to dish out that kind of money for a pair of sandals. We all should, though!


  3. Birkenstocks are amazing! So worth the money. I need to replace mine now after 6 years (but they’ve endured daily wear and tear year round better than any other sandals)


    1. I had a pair for years – high school through college. I got rid of them when my husband told me that they made my feet smell (probably a bit of an overshare, but hey, that’s what blogging is for). Now I really, really want another pair.


  4. I’m smelling tons of rain also. 😦 It smells great but not been much of a summer so far… And YES to the loved post, so few comments. It happens all the time to me as well. Is it usually on a Friday? Anywho, I figured you loved this post, so I am going to prove it wrong-ish by commenting. 😉


    1. Mine seem to be when I publish them at odd times. Id I publish super early in the morning (2 am), I seem to catch the morning crowd. But yeah, weekends get overlooked quite a bit.


  5. That picture is amazing! It has done nothing but rain in Ohio and summer has been kicking my ass as well. Something’s gotta give really soon here.


  6. Gorgeous picture!

    As for this: “Why, when I finally put together a post I love, is get so few comments?”

    For that reason, at the bottom of the “popular posts’ page on my blog, I have a “favorite posts” section. My most popular posts are rarely my favorite ones!


  7. I’ve definitely had those moments as a blogger. Once i connected The Marriage Plot to my own experience with a father who was bipolar, and then extended it into a PSA on mental health and like no one said anything. Womp womp womp.


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