Zombie Apocalypse? Go Find a Library.

zombie-gutsIn case you missed it, last night was the season premiere of The Walking Dead. Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t deny the ubiquity of zombies in popular culture. I do enjoy the show, though I didn’t watch the premiere (I’m still catching up on the last season). What I did manage to see was this brilliant article on Bustle. You should read it (seriously, click the link, it’ll open in a new window). As a librarian, I fully appreciate the author’s point of view that libraries are the key to surviving the upcoming apocalypse. Not just any libraries, but those massive university libraries you may or may not ever have utilized. I spent a lot of time in Norlin Library, personally. That thing is practically a brick fortress.

Here are the reasons that the library may be your best option (see also here):

  • Libraries have strong security systems. Perhaps even more so if they have rare books.
  • Librarians are trustworthy people. This is true. Trust me.
  • Libraries will either have access to the information you via WiFi or a printed version of the information. Need to grow your own food or stitch a wound? There’s a book for that.
  • Libraries have plenty of entertainment. If by chance you get a break from the action, you can find find a book to read. Or figure out how to rebuild society. Your call.

Needless the say, the zombie apocalypse may not be imminent, but when it happens, it’s sure to be quick. So find a librarian and stick to her (or him) like glue.

Good luck*. Do you have a plan of action or do you just generally believe, as I do, that libraries are underrated pillars of society?

*I think a surefire plan for success is to remove the head, no?


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