: Fantasizing about ordering take-out, but making chicken chili verde.
Drinking: Mexican Coke.
Reading: Gathering Prey // John Sandford
Organizing: Once a year or so, I develop and hopefully frame photos from the year. This means I’m finally cleaning off my digital camera and my phone. (See photo above)
Coveting: This sweatshirt! Gilmore Girls forever.
ListeningStressed Out // Twenty One Pilots
Watching: The 100. Season 2 came out on Netflix yesterday (Halloween)!
Smelling: Pumpkin. And not the good kind. The just carved, pumpkin innards kind.
Wishing: For some alone time. It may sound weird, but I have very little time to dedicate to anything I have an interest in.
Loving: Fall! Leaves and cold and hats and tights…
Needing: Can I say that sweatshirt again?
Feeling: I had this terrible moment when I looked around for the adult and realized I was the adult. It was painful. Now I just feel old.
Wearing: Yesterday, I got to dress in “costume”. It was fun.The costume consisted of a pin.
Wanting: Frye boots. I’m a sucker for expensive footwear.
Wondering: About how often I say I’m sorry. This article is a few weeks old and I’m still thinking about it: We Are Women and We’re Sorry.
Thinking: About a vacation to Kentucky, of all places. The Red River Gorge area looks gorgeous.
Hiking: North Table Mountain Trails. It’s my go-to for weekdays.

8 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I wore my Frye boots for the first time today and have three blisters, but IT WAS WORTH IT!

    Confession: I needed time alone so badly on Saturday that I told my husband I was going to my weekly yoga class and just sat at Starbucks to read. If I had told him that was my plan he would have been cool with it, but being sneaky was sort of fun. Find some time for yourself. It’s important.


  2. We live in Ohio at the moment and I can say that Kentucky, our neighbor to the south, is much prettier than I expected! I love your little story about looking around for an adult — and realizing you were the adult. I just turned 30 last week and I feel like this is me all the time. Oh, to be 7 again…


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