Making: This vegetable sauce in the slow cooker. It’s new, so the success of the recipe remains to be seen.
Drinking: Hmmm…. I certainly need one.
Reading: Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss
Listening: West by Carys Davies.
Organizing: Everything!
Coveting: How cute is this little office organizer? I don’t need it, but I need it…
Watching: I’ve been catching up on The Americans.
Wishing: The government would reopen. I’ve mentioned I’m a science librarian, but the library I work at is part of the Department of the Interior. So I’ve been out of the office (and a paycheck) since December 21. I’ve been back at work for three days and it feels really, really weird.
Loving: This should be trying to love: my time at home. I’ve been going through the house organizing and cleaning like crazy.
Adoring: Planning fictional vacations that I probably won’t take. It helps me get through winter.
Accomplishing: Instagram! If I manage to keep up in Instagram, the website falls behind. I’ll find a happy medium. Maybe.
Needing: Someone to paint my house for free. Any takers?
Feeling: Disappointed with the idea that Bernie Sanders may run again in 2020. Possibly an unpopular opinion, I know…
Wanting: This banana cake.
Wondering: Speaking of said produce… This is absolutely bananas. I’ve read one of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s scifi books and I can’t imagine what she’s going through.
Thinking: About our next trip. We are looking at Calgary, the Azores, and Boston (again). See “adoring” above.
Lamenting: I used to have more hobbies pre-children. I still have some, but I just simply have less time than I used to. One of the things I miss the most is refinishing furniture. I have what I’ll call a “card catalog of shame” in my house right now. It needs to be refinished. But when? I have more excuses than you would believe possible.
Celebrating: My middle child is turning 8!

Image found via Pinterest.

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