Hitchers by Will McIntosh

Finn Darby is a mild-mannered widower who also happens to be the cartoonist of one of the most successful comic strips in the country. He resurrected the strip from his late grandfather, the original creator, who was a less than endearing gentleman (horrendous and despicable are too kind).

When a wide scale terrorist attack claims the lives of over half a million souls in the greater Atlanta area, the lost souls decide to take their lives back – even if it means killing the living. As the dead attach themselves to the souls of the living, the living must fight to rid themselves of their “hitchers” before it’s too late. In Finn’s case, before his bitter, alcoholic grandfather takes over his life and ruins everything he has created.

Hitchers is Will McIntosh’s second novel, his first release was Soft Apocalypse (which has now been added to my “to read” list). Hitchers is an unusual novel, as it is hard to categorize, it’s a bit of horror, science fiction, and speculative fiction – sometimes all three, but it is also a warm, funny novel with truly likeable characters trying to survive a horrific situation. Hitchers is a quick, engrossing read where you are not always sure what side to be on. Overall, while I would not label this an absolutely must read, I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys interesting, original fiction (especially those who lean towards the science fiction genre). I will definitely be looking for what Will McIntosh does next. Bottom line: 4/5.

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