Gone Camping: Novels That Take You Right Back To Summer Camp

Perennials // Mandy Berman. Is there a better way to welcome summer than with a debut novel about summer camp? I don’t think so. I never went to summer camp, but I always, always wanted to, so perhaps a bit of my appreciation of Mandy Berman’s Perennials is rooted in envy. Regardless, it’s good. Rachel and Fiona are campers—andContinue reading “Gone Camping: Novels That Take You Right Back To Summer Camp”

West Side Stories

The post’s title is incredibly misleading. Sorry. It’s not about West Side Story, which I love as much as anyone else. It’s about Westerns, the oft overlooked genre of fiction. I couldn’t call it “Best Westerns” without it feeling like a road trip hotel chain advertisement. If I called it “Fantastic Westerns You Haven’t Read”Continue reading “West Side Stories”

The Invited // Jennifer McMahon

Do you ever getting blogging paralysis? I do. I feel like I don’t have anything to say, when really, given how much I read and think about books, I’m sure I can come up with something. Apparently I suffer from internet shyness, is that a thing? I’ve been reading and enjoying Jennifer McMahon books forContinue reading “The Invited // Jennifer McMahon”

The River // Peter Heller

“They got hot. They paddled hard. Almost thirty miles on a flat-water current was a long way even for them. Because the river slowed and expended itself in unexpected wide coves. From which loons called as they passed – the rising wail that cracked the afternoon with irrepressible longing and seemed to darken the sky.Continue reading “The River // Peter Heller”

Come West and See // Maxim Loskutoff

I’ve mentioned I love quirky. And fantastical. Bizarre. Unique. Come West and See has a little bit of everything good, including lust, politics, and the American West. Most of the stories are linked, set in the American West (Montana, Idaho, and Oregon), and perfectly capture the aggressive individualism found more often in these rural outposts.Continue reading “Come West and See // Maxim Loskutoff”

Heartbreaker // Claudia Dey

“Aerial view: two thousand square miles of forest. Population: 391. We started as a single busload searching for the end of the world.” I won’t lie to you, this is a weird book. Not quirky-cute-hipster weird, just….weird. I wasn’t going to post about it, but here I am, three months later and I’m still thinking aboutContinue reading “Heartbreaker // Claudia Dey”