Gone Camping: Novels That Take You Right Back To Summer Camp

Perennials // Mandy Berman. Is there a better way to welcome summer than with a debut novel about summer camp? I don’t think so. I never went to summer camp, but I always, always wanted to, so perhaps a bit of my appreciation of Mandy Berman’s Perennials is rooted in envy. Regardless, it’s good. Rachel and Fiona are campers—andContinue reading “Gone Camping: Novels That Take You Right Back To Summer Camp”

West Side Stories

The post’s title is incredibly misleading. Sorry. It’s not about West Side Story, which I love as much as anyone else. It’s about Westerns, the oft overlooked genre of fiction. I couldn’t call it “Best Westerns” without it feeling like a road trip hotel chain advertisement. If I called it “Fantastic Westerns You Haven’t Read”Continue reading “West Side Stories”

I Wear My Heart on My (Book Jacket) Sleeve

This post is embarrassingly late. My family and I were sidelined by a long, drawn out case of the flu. But we made it, and who wants to read about hearts on Valentine’s Day anyway! The following five books are ones that I would heartily recommend if you have not had the pleasure of readingContinue reading “I Wear My Heart on My (Book Jacket) Sleeve”

Best Backlist Fiction (I Read in) 2018

2018 was a good reading year for me. I started listening to audiobooks, and it was a great surprise to me how much I loved them (good ones, that is,  I often struggled when I didn’t enjoy the narrator). It also allows me to read while I work, which is nice. Except that time IContinue reading “Best Backlist Fiction (I Read in) 2018”