Favorite Books of 2018

This post is late. That’s not surprising, necessarily, but I definitely wanted to post it around the start of the New Year. What I find odd about it is that I’m a very punctual and organized person in my day to day life. It just doesn’t translate to the blog. Here are a few of my favorite books – in no particular order –  that I read this last year (published this last year). Better late than never*.

10. Spinning Silver // Naomi Novik
09. The Great Alone // Kristin Hannah
08. The Golden State // Lydia Kiesling
07. Foundryside // Robert Jackson Bennett
06. The Mars Room // Rachel Kushner
05. Florida // Lauren Groff
04. Foe // Iain Reid
03. The Lost Queen // Signe Pike
02. Where the Crawdads Sing // Delia Owens
01. The Line That Held Us // David Joy

One notable thing, at least to me, is that my list features more female writers than male writers. There’s also more genre diversity – short stories, science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, and historical fiction. Those are both firsts for me, and it makes me happy. What was your favorite novel of 2018?

*The funny-not-funny thing is that I have nothing but time right now.

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