A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths

In the fourth entry into the Ruth Galloway series, A Room Full of Bones, Ruth is still balancing motherhood with archaeology and teaching. Only now she is feeling a bit more confidence as a mother, despite the circumstances with Kate’s father Nelson (his wife recently discovered his affair and subsequent child). The only catch, Ruth and Nelson still work together. Soon they begin a new case together involving the mysterious death of a museum curator (right before the grand opening of a tomb). As threatening letters begin to surface and mysterious deaths and illnesses appear, Ruth and the police must work to solve who is behind these events. The urgency to solve the case increases as Nelson becomes one of the affected.

A Room Full of Bones is a solid, fun (if you like this sort of thing –  and I do) mystery starring forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway. Elly Griffiths effortlessly weaves history, archaeology, and modern-day crime into a compelling read. This novel (like it’s predecessors) is highly atmospheric which is, in large part, due to author’s excellent sense of place (the novels are set on the Norfolk coast). One of my favorite things about this series is the wide cast of supporting characters, I’m particularly fond of Cathbad (who received some rather disheartening news). I’m looking forward to what happens next for Ruth Galloway. Bottom line: I’d rate this novel 3.5/5. You’ll like it if you enjoy mysteries or archaeology (or if you’re like me, both!). The first half is a bit dry, but the second half picks up the pace (so if you started it, don’t give up, it’ll be worth it – I promise). If you want to read them in order, they are: Crossing Places, The Janus Stone, and The House at Sea’s End.

Any other nerdy (the term is used with love) archaeology mystery aficionados out there?

Photo: goodreads

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