Mixtape | Spring

Mixtape: A homemade music compilation that contains all of your favourite tracks. Often you give such a compilation to the guy or gal of your fancy in hopes that it will help you win their heart. (Urban Dictionary)

Regarding the definition above, let’s focus on the first half as it is more accurate. If someone took the latter half seriously, they might think my hidden message is that I’m trying to break up with them. I’m not dear blog readers (please stick around, don’t take #6 to heart), it’s just been a long, dark winter. However both of these are better than the alternate definition: a surefire way to deny yourself potential sex. That’s the best thing about urban dictionary – it’s always inappropriate (if a bit closer to the truth than you’d like to admit).

Today was the first day in a long time that it crept above 35F, my first thought: it’s almost spring. Though Kate would say that a spotify playlist doesn’t hold the same power as a cassette mixtape, I’d like to think it’s the effort behind the playlist that’s instrumental to its effect. So here is your mixtape for spring, with the hope that my declaring it’s almost spring ushers in the season forthwith. Naturally, the only way to begin and end a mixtape is with the Dylan family and a roman poet reference (got to keep it literary).

1. One Headlight – The Wallflowers
2. Harbour Lights – A Silent Film
3. Four Simple Words – Frank Turner
4. Unstable – Anberlin
5. Stubborn Love – The Lumineers
6. If I Tell You I Love You – Melody Gardot
7. Pretty Baby – Brendan Benson
8. Perfect Day – Lou Reed
9. Vienna – Billy Joel
10. You Are the Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne
11. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ – Bob Dylan

So, as always, I am looking for good recommendations – books/music/movies/food. Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone seen Stoker?

5 thoughts on “Mixtape | Spring

    1. I do like Belle and Sebastian. Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls (I swear I didn’t watch it only because there was FINALLY another girl named Rory who reads all the time – though if I had a dollar for every moron who asked me if I was named after the show I wouldn’t have any student loan debt)? The show had an amazing soundtrack – Bell and Sebastian, Mazzy Starr, Wilco, Travis, Louis Armstrong…

      The Lumineers were a last minute addition because it’s 3-03 day in Denver (it’s a local holiday, our area code is 303), so I had to throw someone local in (plus I am stuck on the song).

      I will check out that song shortly.


  1. Yes, full marks for the effort of creating a ‘mixed tape’, even if it’s not on a cassette.

    Lovely playlist – some that I don’t know there. Was hoping it would also mark the intro into autumn in Melbourne but just when we thought summer was fading, we’re being hit with another week of 33 degrees + (not complaining). I’m still playing the Beach Boys 😉


    1. Thanks! I don’t think I would know how to create a cassette mixtape, it’s been so long since I’ve seen one.

      Also, spring is not here. It’s snowing again today – and I am complaining. I need summer to be here, I look much better with a tan and feel less like death is imminent when I’m driving.


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