Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

With thanks to Christine at Bookishly Boisterous.

10.  Thank you for all your kind words on my video blog last week – flattery will get you everywhere. And on that note, Laura and Alice are golden for the next year – thanks guys!

9. I’m not prone to squealing or random bouts of excitement, but I squealed with excitement when I found out that not only is Emily Henderson (a personal design hero) renovating her own house, but she’s having a baby. Hopefully that’s not too creepy.

(But it probably is. If it helps, I really didn’t give a shit when Kim K. had a baby, except I got a decent laugh out of the name.)

Oh Joy's Studio. Photo via Emily Henderson (by Zeke Ruelas)
I’ll take this room. Oh Joy’s Studio. Photo via Emily Henderson (by Zeke Ruelas)

8. Are you male and in love? Apparently you walk slower. No, really, it’s true.

(Sometimes I seriously wonder about the allocation of research funds.)

7. What your drink says about you? Of the options available, I’m a gin and tonic.

How to make it: 1 part gin, 2 parts tonic water. Garnish with a wedge of lime (no lemon!). Serve in tall glass, over plenty of ice.

What it says about you: I am civilized. Also somewhat risk averse, politically moderate, and did I tell you I went to college in New Haven?

What it should say about me: I am civilized. Also somewhat risk averse (we’re good through here), politically very liberal, did I tell you I went to college in Boulder? Plus how to know you’re from Boulder (#10 is kind of true…)

6. This is old, but I just read it. Mindy Kaling doesn’t think Dorothy Parker is funny. Huh. I think she is.

5. To quote Stephen King (in Joyland): “When you’re twenty-one, life is a road map. It’s only when you get to twenty-five that you begin to suspect you’ve been looking at the map upside down, and not until you are forty that you are entirely sure. By the time you’re sixty, take it from me, you’re fucking lost.”

A little more philosophical than I was going for, but true enough. I'm so fucking lost just doesn't sound eloquent.
More philosophical than I was going for, but true enough. I’m so fucking lost just doesn’t sound eloquent. Image found here, original unknown.

I’m lost now. I’ll be doomed by the time I hit 60.

4. I’m a huge Cormac McCarthy fan and I really wanted to see The Counselor. Has anyone seen it, is it the worst movie ever made? On that note, I finally saw Gravity – that was a tense experience.

3. Harry Potter Myer-Briggs results: I’m Hermione. Or Yoda if you use the Star Wars chart. (I’m INTP).

2. 50 tough reads for bookworms – naturally by this standard I’m a badass.

1. Sooo…favorite Lou Reed songs? You know I’m a list person, so top five: Street Hassle, Perfect Day, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Hello It’s Me (I really miss you / I really miss your mind / I haven’t heard ideas like that in such a long, long time), Pale Blue Eyes.

(Five is so limiting, because Hangin’ Round, Waves of Fear, and Turn to Me get left out).

And I really meant number one as a question. Answers please. Naturally you don’t have to answer. You can tell me about something else. What’s going on in your life? Anyone sick of the thankful posts yet? I am and I’m not. I assume it goes without saying that I’m thankful for many things, including you guys. Also, I redesigned the blog a tiny bit – I was really proud.

38 thoughts on “Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

  1. lol I’ve only read The Silmarillion, War and Peace and The Divine Comedy from the book list (maybe toss in The Gulag Archipelago but I don’t remember if I finished reading it or not). Gotta get a move on that xP

    Hmm, from the drinks listed in that other link I’d either fall under the Aperol Spritz (which makes me obscure and dreaming of books no one really reads–come to think of it, I haven’t had one in a few years though) or the beer (though I don’t drink those brands). Fun link! 🙂


    1. I’d read quite a few during high school and college. My having read them in not necessarily an indication of my remembering them well. If you ever catch me reading Proust you have my permission to kick me.

      I should be the Aperol Spritz or the Dark and Story, but I enjoy gin (and tequila). I don’t drink those beers either. Well, at least I haven’t since I was broke and in college.


  2. I like the redesign!

    I haven’t tried any of the drinks below “vodka soda” (except for “rum and coke” but I don’t like rum… I prefer Jack & Coke instead). But of the things listed that I actually know what they taste like… I think I gotta go with the Bud. I really need to experiment more.


    1. Thanks! It is the best my limited abilities could produce.

      I do like Jack & Coke. Admittedly, I’m a hardcore beer snob, so Budweiser doesn’t happen. If I feel like going cheap, I go Sam Adams (because Boston).

      So what’s you drink of choice during drinkalongs? I already know you’re a mimosa fan (as am I), but those are generally consumed during brunch…


      1. Yeah, I am SO not a beer snob. I’m always up for trying new ones, but more often than not I don’t like them. I think I like Bud Light and such because it hardly qualifies as beer… and if I’m out with friends, drinking Bud Light is cheaper than ordering cocktails all night.

        For drinkalongs (or parties that are BYOB) I usually go with either hard lemonade or hard cider.


      2. Colorado has a huge beer culture thing going on. Their are so many breweries that it’s easy to become a snob (even in college).

        I do like hard lemonade. Mike’s used to make a hard lemonade-iced tea that I’m still mourning the loss of.


  3. I love vodka tonics, so that probably makes me slightly less civilized than a gin and tonic drinker.

    Based on the Briggs test I took 10 years ago in our church counseling, I’m ENTJ, so I’m Draco. The hubs is Neville. I wonder how different my results would be now a days…


    1. Civilized is overrated. At least you’re not Strawberry Daiquiri (which I do sort of like, but I;m going to pretend not to).

      I’m the epitome of INTPs and probably have been my whole life. Oddly enough, I tend to be very social (and have had social jobs), this may indicate I like to torture myself.


  4. So the first thing I noticed was your new blog design… What, with the v-logs and the slick new design, you’re getting all fancy on us 😉

    #7 – I’m gin and tonic through and through (although I do like a gin fizz for parties).

    #5 – Lost… is this fall-out from the hard thinking done during the recent interview/job-change period? Unsettling yes but think five-year-plan (I love a five-year plan and make a new one every year *Pollyanna*)

    #4 Gravity is on my list. Must get to it before it finishes in the cinemas – I’m guessing it’s one of those movies you want to see on a big screen.

    #3 I’m Padme Amidala -ENFJ – which I noticed Rory makes us virtually total opposites (my ‘N’ is lineball – a 14/16 split between N and S).

    #2 I’m soft, so soft it’s mortifying… and I call myself a reader? Just on that, I’ve never read War & Peace. It’s on my bucket list – I’m thinking 2014 might be the year.


    1. This is as fancy as it gets as it is limited by my design abilties (which is to say very limited).

      7 I like gin in most combinations.

      5. A little bit. I’ve been staying at my job because I love my coworkers and the hours work well for me. Now my favorite coworker is leaving at the end of the month. While I love my job (as in what I do), the institution I work at can be very difficult (as in disrespectful and exhausting, more so than other places I’ve been). This pretty much sums it up, though it;s meant to be funny (possibly so sad, it’s funny):

      4. Yes, in theaters.

      3. Opposites are complementary. And I think we figured out we were opposites when I discovered that you are clearly a Pollyanna and I’m…not. I’m totally Daria, but that might be too American for you to recognize.

      2. War & Peace. One gigantic soap opera.


      1. 7. I’m pretty sure I like gin in any combination.

        5. *sigh* as an ex-public servant that link is oh-so-true. We had a fabulous program on tv here called The Hollowmen. It was about public servants working in policy/ corporate communications (which is exactly what my job was). My husband would be crying he laughed so much. I, on the other hand, just cringed all the way through, muttering “This is how it is…”

        3. Daria… means nothing to me… tv show??

        2. So like Russian chick-lit, yeah?


      2. 5. The one on not hiring other employees is particularly true at the moment. When my boss announced she was leaving it came up that I could take over the position and they would not have to hire someone to fill my weekday shifts. I politely said the equivalent of no fucking way.

        3. Watch this:

        2. Yes, written by a white man with “morals”.


  5. I love a nice gin & tonic. It’s typically my mixed drink of choice, and it fits me pretty well. When I took the HP test I was Remus Lupin. I didn’t dislike him, but he was never my favorite character. I’ve often wondered if I met me if I’d be friends with me… Which is a very disturbing train of thought.


    1. Gin & tonic. We’re bookish, drinking soul mates, obvs. Because I’ve wondered the same thing about myself. Except I know the answer: I would not be friends myself. I’m a fairly pretentious science librarian and book snob who absolutely needs to be right, though I’d like to think I have a good sense of humor and am easy going (assuming I win all arguments, that is). If I ever meet another version of myself the world will implode.

      (Okay, I’m not really a book snob because I’ve seriously considered getting cable just so I can watch the Outlander adaptation.)


  6. I’m an old-fashioned, because that wasn’t on the list of available choices and I like to be difficult.

    Lou Reed/VU songs I is listening to at the momo-ment – Lisa Says, The Gun, Berlin, NYC Man…


    1. That’s surprising. I wouldn’t have guessed you could be difficult.

      Drink of choice: Old-fashioned.
      What it says about you? I loathe modernity and will correct your grammar. I appreciate a classic work structure that benefits me, though not the misogynistic undertones that this implies. Did I mention I love Mad Men?

      I like NYC Man and I haven’t listed to the entirety of Berlin in years (I used to love How Do You Think It Feels, but managed to outgrow that phase thankfully).


      1. Funnily enough, before I gave up trying to do a what it says about you, I was going to mention hating modernity and loving Mad Men.

        And alcoholism.


  7. Ok, so semi-guilty confession… I like the name North West. *hides face in shame* I mean, I love that it’s kind of a play on words/names, and surely it’s a better name than Apple? I know, I’m ridiculous.

    AND I haven’t read a single book off of that list. I suuuuuuck.

    Was Gravity good? Or was it dumb?


    1. I actually don’t mind the name North (I wouldn’t use it), but when paired with West…? I was pleasantly surprised with her sister named her daughter Penelope, a name I like. North West seems a bit silly. Because the child is who she is, I doubt she’ll ever be made fun of for it and if she is she can just take a vacation to Fiji – so she’s set. Apple is still ridiculous, as is Pilot Inspektor.

      You’re just a softie…

      I liked it. It’s a really intense movie and the acting is good. No it’s not super realistic, but I enjoyed it all the same. Apparently Angelina Jolie was the original lead, but she dropped out. If it had been 90 minutes of her, I don’t think I could have handled it.


  8. You are most welcome 🙂 I’m a G&T gall too, I’d probably love Maine. (Total false premise of a statement there, but I think I would love Maine anyway).

    Lupin and Obi-Wan, not too shabby (INFJ)

    Pale Blue Eyes kills me everytime, best Reed song by far for me.


    1. PALE BLUE EYES. Easily one of my favorite songs of all time. If I could make the world as pure and strange as what I see / I’d put you in a mirror / I’d put in front of me, gets me every single time.

      Out of curiosity, what is more important to you: the actual music or the lyrics?


  9. I’ve read six books off of that list, and five of them were assigned reading from either high school or college (mostly college). The only one I read on my own is The Painted Bird and that was years ago when I was still adventurous, still in fighting form from my English major days. I remember almost nothing about that book except it was bleak as they said in the article.


  10. I’ll go ahead an say it . . . yes, I’m tired of the “thankful” posts and thankful only 2 1/2 weeks more to go. I didn’t care for Gravity. I felt claustrophobic through the entire movie. I have a fear of drowning and floating in space kinda feels the same way. A movie I would recommend is Enough Said with James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dryfuss. An adorable, quirky romantic comedy also enjoyed by the husband.


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