Mixtape | Spring

Mixtape: A homemade music compilation that contains all of your favourite tracks. Often you give such a compilation to the guy or gal of your fancy in hopes that it will help you win their heart. (Urban Dictionary).

Or it could simply be the generic name given to any compilation of songs recorded onto any audio format. (Wikipedia)

Mixtape Spring 640

I hate winter. Even though this is a mixtape for spring (and I do hope spring gets here sooner rather than later), my head is still very much mired in gloom of winter. It’s reflected in this playlist, which is decidedly depressing. But hey, it’s all about honesty and transparency, right? (Of course, I’m fairly certain nobody really wants to know what goes on behind the screen.). So in the effort to remain positive, I’ll share some things I love about winter. Hats. Tights. A legitimate excuse for whiskey. Snow (when I don’t have to commute), it makes everything look clean and pretty. Holidays. Scarves. And finally, when it’s over.

01. Black Beehive / Big Head Todd and the Monsters
02. I’ll Be the One You Want Someday / Jessica Lea Mayfield
03. Rise Up, Careful / Like a Stranger
04. My My, Hey Hey – Out of the Blue / Neil Young
05. Family / Noah Gunderson
06. When the Night Comes / Dan Auerbach
07. Let’s Forget All the Things We Say / Julia Stone
08. Lost in My Mind / The Head and The Heart
09. Impossible Germany / Wilco
10. Darkness / Leonard Cohen
11. Pink Light / Laura Veirs and Saltbreakers
12. Man of Peace / Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead
13. Ocean of Noise / Calexico

Can anyone think of anything else redeeming about winter? Anyone as depressed as I am*? I hope not, but misery loves company.

*You know what doesn’t help? I was reading a book that was SO, SO good for the first 40% and turned to utter and complete shit thereafter. I kept thinking this has got to get better. Dangerous thought, that is…

6 thoughts on “Mixtape | Spring

    1. I don’t really think there is either. I was trying to stay upbeat, but it was 7 degrees when I drove to work this morning. I had to scrap ice and snow off of my car. There’s nothing redeeming about that.


  1. I normally don’t mind winter. I don’t particularly like it, but I’m adamantly anti-summer and I feel like it’s asking too much to be against both. Winter is the lesser of two evils, for me.

    Except this winter. This winter is the most evily evil to ever evil.


    1. I struggle with both. I love summer – mostly – but when it gets above 100-105, I get really crabby and started whining about summer. If the winter never dropped below 32 and didn’t snow, I’d love it. The snow and ice really kill it for me, but there is something pleasant about bundling up. And I really do love knit hats (bonus: I feel less self-conscious in public when I wear them).


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