Making: I tried Martha Stewart’s One Pot Pasta. Aside from too much salt, it was good!
Drinking: Mexican Coke.
Reading: Andersonville // Edward M. Erdelac
Coveting: Boats. I have no need for a boat, but they look glorious. I’d settle with a canoe at this point.
Listening: Too much Taylor Swift. Don’t ask.
Watching: Sunsets on Lake Tahoe. It’s vacation time! Oh, and Bloodline.
Smelling: Pine trees and lake water.
Wishing: For a longer vacation.
Loving: Watching my kids love the water.
Needing: Better sunscreen.
Feeling: Rested and incredibly sore. Sometimes I feel like I’m in shape and other times…
Wearing: Swimwear and Saltwaters.
Wanting: Birkenstocks! Still.
Wondering: Why you find the weirdest things in the middle of nowhere?
Thinking: About a blog name change, if only because reviewing is not the primary focus anymore…
Hiking: Angora Lakes. We’ll see if the cliff jumping actually happens (bravery, water level, etc.). I’ll keep you posted.

How is your summer? And where has it gone? It feels like it hasn’t even happened yet.

12 thoughts on “Lately.

  1. WHAT is Mexican Coke? I saw a reference to it in the book I was reading literally five minutes ago and then I opened your blog post… weird, huh? (Whatever it is, we don’t have it in Australia…).
    Yes, boats. Learning to sail (yachts) is on my bucket list.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer. Personally, I’m willing away the end of winter and already thinking ahead to our summer.


    1. And by the time you get to summer (and I’m covered in snow and ice), I’ll be jealous. I have one more mini vacation planned and my kids only have two weeks before school starts again!


  2. That’s exactly how I feel, like it hasn’t even happened yet. We just got decent weather here starting last week!


    1. We’ve had on and off nice weather, but between personal issues and rain, it just hasn’t really happened yet. And school starts in two weeks for us, so really, it’s pretty much done.


  3. My daughter went to her first concert a few weeks back (Taylor Swift) so it’s been playing a lot around here too! I get the blog name change thing. I’ve thought mine doesn’t really explain the amount of reading I do. But then I started out with more of a lifestyle blog about the things I love and want to get back to that in addition to the reading. I love this post by the way. Did you come up with it or are you part of a meme?


    1. It’s not part of a meme, but I saw something similar done on another blog. I just add whatever word is applicable to what I want to share (i.e. cooking if I want to share a recipe, wanting if I have a birthday coming up (kidding!)). There’s no set schedule, I usually just put one up when I don’t have time to do a review, top ten list, or something like that.


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