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August 3

I spent the last week in Lake Tahoe with perfect weather, clear water, and happy kids. It was glorious. What I did not do much of was read. Instead, I averaged 18,000 steps per day (I was pleased), at least one picnic a day, and more swimming time than I can count. We tried to soak up every last ounce of summer.

I did manage to wrap up Andersonville by Edward M. Erdelac and start The Beautiful Bureaucrat by Helen Phillips. For what it’s worth, Andersonville is a great book with a less than stellar cover – don’t judge it based on that (book nerd that I am, I still do it!) and The Beautiful Bureaucrat is a good book with a great cover (so far…).

It’s Monday, August 3, what are you reading?

13 thoughts on “Now Reading.

  1. Always a good thing to just enjoy the summer while it lasts. I haven’t had a chance to head out anywhere yet but I’m hoping that very soon, we’ll get to do something summery.


  2. The Beautiful Bureaucrat looks excellent. Will await your thumbs-up though, before I proceed (because the TBR pile is STUPID).


      1. Ha! Yes, stop. Out of consideration for their readers.
        I ended up securing a copy of this via Netgalley…


  3. If you didn’t get to read much on your vacation, it’s a good indication that you were having lots of other kinds of fun! That will be me in about a week. 🙂


  4. The Beautiful Bureaucrat looks interesting. (And I’m glad to hear you had a great vacation – I’ve been following along with your instagram and it looked wonderful)


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