Now Reading. Monday, August 31st Edition.

August 31
Love and loss on the great plains of Texas…

That totally describes my week. In reading. I’ve never really been to Texas, but that’s why we read, right? To experience people, places, and things we may never get to. On that very note, the other book I’m reading is a collection short stories about middle aged men in Ireland.

Clearly I’m getting outside my box of horror this week*.

Realistically, this last week was spent getting back into the early morning school routine. I must say I’m not a fan**, but (and that really should be capitalized) it’s lovely to see how much my kids love school. As I was explaining to my eldest, now in second grade, “you only have sixteen more years of school left.” No pressure or anything.

How was your week in reading?

*Not really, I went to see a short horror film tonight.
**According to Lucas Davenport, so it’s FACT (obviously), night owls are smarter and better looking. My kids and I are set for life.

5 thoughts on “Now Reading. Monday, August 31st Edition.

  1. I seem to be in a reading slump (which basically means that I have barely been reading at all for the last week). Do you have a great short story to get me back on track?


    1. If you don’t mind a longish, semi-scary one (though not terribly so), I’d highly recommend The Mist by Stephen King, as well as Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption by King (not scary at all). Most of Joe Hill’s are pretty good too.


  2. I’ve only read Lonesone Dove (in high school!) and feel like I should try one of his other novels, so looking forward to your thoughts on Leaving Cheyenne. Sounds like the title of a romance novel.


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