Sixes and Sevens (and a giveaway!)

Road Trip

This week I present you bookish and not so bookish thoughts. Cheers to the weekend.

10. Despite the fact that I am a fairly methodical and organized person, there is one trend that I do not understand. Adult coloring. That does no mean I don’t think it produces amazing results, because it does. It’s just personally not for me. Which means those of you who love it are in luck! I recently received a copy of Anastasia Catris’ Color Me Mindful Underwater and because I cannot use it, I’m passing it on to you. Just leave a comment and I’ll randomly pick a winner next Friday.

09. New layout. I’m still working on little things, but hey, it’s functional.

08. The amount of wine you need to survive back to school parenting moments. Enjoy.

07. I recently considered writing a post that consisted solely of say “Adulting is hard. Be back soon.” I didn’t, but I thought about it.

06. Last night I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t stick to my blogging schedule, like you all miss me so much.

05. Worth noting, my blogging schedule is strictly self-imposed. No one expects me to blog three times a week, except me. But I often hold myself to somewhat unrealistic expectations and when I don’t meet them, I am disappointed. I was lying in bed at 11:30 thinking, “I should just get up and type something.”

04. On that note, I am sitting on a review that is 95% finished. Why haven’t I just finished it? I don’t know… If you want to see the majority of the review, check out the Nerdy Special List – which you should do anyway.

03. Reasons outside is the worst (whine about it). Despite that I spent a ridiculous amount of time being a nature lover, this is funny. Guys, there are spiders and squirrels outside!

02. I’ve thought about starting an around my house feature. I’ve spent five years updating the cutest little Cape Cod style house. Aside from reading, working, and parenting, it’s where a large portion of my time goes. The thing is, my house is not Pinterest worthy*, but at the same time I want to jump up and say “hey look, I finished a project!”

01. Kate’s #8. Because I’m bitter with a sense of humor?

Bookish and not so bookish thoughts is a meme created by Christine, get amongst it.

*I’m convinced the secret of pinterest worthy homes is excellent photography.

24 thoughts on “Sixes and Sevens (and a giveaway!)

  1. 10. I don’t understand adult colouring either (so please award the prize to someone else).
    6. Never had one… Don’t think I ever will.
    2. Yes!


  2. I have heard some people say that the adult coloring thing is actually stressful, “What color to go where!?!?! eek!” but I have avoided it because I have plenty of tasks to keep me from not reading, not cleaning, etc. Why would I want another? Still, I would gladly accept your prize if I was to be selected in the random drawing. (cuz that way I might get your snail mail addy for my holiday card sending?)


  3. 10. I don’t understand this either.
    09. I like it!
    05. I used to think that I had to post something every day or the very few people who read my blog would immediately abandon me. but now I’ve settled into a more comfortable (and reasonable) schedule of ~3 posts per week.
    02. You should totally do this. I want to see your house.
    01. I loved that one.


    1. 09. I’m so darn picky it’s ridiculous. I have issues with this layout already, and I’m not even fully finished setting everything up yet!

      05. I’m prone to worrying anyway, and I’ve been so sporadic over the last year that I don’t want people to think I forgot about them.

      02. This may help me gets things squeaky clean?


  4. I want to understand it, and I want to love the coloring. I do! But… shouldn’t I be doing something else? And will I just think about doing something else the whole time? I recently accepted one to review and am going to give it a solid try. But I have my doubts.

    The adulting thing. Man, it sucks. Not that I want to be a kid again and have a curfew and get in trouble every time I roll my eyes, but still. It’s so boring.


  5. I’m with you- coloring? I don’t get it at all. I’ll leave ut at that before I get ranty.

    Please oh please post pictures of your house stuff. I’ve been whining about a renovation for 5 months and would really love to look at someone else’s house photos!


  6. I would love to see photos of your house! Mine is sitting unfinished and I could use a little inspiration! I hear you so hard on the self-inflicted blog pressure – I didn’t post a review last week for the first week ever since I started the blog, and it’s really bothering me. I might not even get one up this week either… as you said “adulting is hard.”


  7. 7. I feel this so hard.

    3. “Just remember, all of nature is designed to kill you.”

    2. I would love to see an “around the house” feature! I really liked the posts you did forever ago about decorating your library (or a different room? I can’t remember) and restoring the card catalog.


    1. I did share a bit of my library (or living room with books, but whatever) almost two years ago now. That’s just crazy to think about. And I still look lovingly at my card catalog. It’s the greatest non-functional piece of furniture I own.


  8. Can I basically just copy and paste (most of) this post because I can’t get my stuff together blogging-wise? Don’t enter me in the coloring book contest because it’s one more thing I won’t get to. Love the look, bring on the house pics and the You Tube channel is pretty funny. I love his Instagram and Being an Adult one. I might have to start the bookish and not so bookish meme. Also, why is the post called sixes and sevens?


    1. Sixes and sevens, as it was explained to me, means a disorderly state of confusion – which is similar to how I feel about my blog right now.

      And you should! It’s basically a post where you get to talk about things that don’t nicely fit in other posts!


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