Not what my California road trip will look like. Sadly.
Not what my California road trip will look like. Sadly.

Making: Seriously considering heading over to Pieology for dinner, but will likely makes veggie burgers and this divine potato salad (it’s the only potato salad I like).
Drinking: Icy everything. I’ve always like my drinks cold, but I’ve been taking it to a whole new crushed ice level lately.
Reading: Isle by Jes Dory.
Organizing: Clothes. Purging, cleaning, and figuring out who can still wear what.
Coveting: This sweatshirt! Gilmore Girls forever.
Listening: Rattlin’ Bones // Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson
Watching: Poldark. Most excellent.
Smelling: Fresh air. It was warm enough to open some windows today.
Wishing: To make a decision on BEA. I want to go, but the adult in me says maybe not.
Loving: Pizza. As one does.
Adoring: (Which is stronger than love in this case) My new Jane Eyre temporary tattoos from Kate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Needing: A break. I know working is a part of adult life. I really do. And generally, I take my career and professional life seriously, but I just haven’t been feeling it lately.
Feeling: Exhausted. This winter was a killer for us, cold, flu, and general poor health has abounded.
Wearing: Yoga pants. It’s my day off!
Wanting: Birkenstocks and/or Saltwaters. Based on cost, Saltwaters are the likely candidate.
Wondering: About blogging balance and such. This is my blog, so I write about my life to a point, but I actually wrote about crushed ice above. Sometimes I wonder if those thoughts should ever see the light of the internet. Heavy thoughts on a light post.
Thinking: About my upcoming (like two months from now) vacation to California and Oregon.
Hiking: North Table Mountain Trails. It’s my go-to for weekdays. My FitBit tells me the one mile trail to the top is the equivalent of 55 flights of stairs.

Summer vacation plans? General life woes?


8 thoughts on “Lately.

  1. I’m going to try that potato salad recipe (lately my go-to is the warm french potato salad recipe from the NYT cookbook, which sounds weird but is in fact delicious). And I still want Birkenstocks too. Vacation . . . yeah, no idea when that’s happening. Le sigh.


  2. Holy crap 55 flights of stairs/trail makes my buns burn just thinking about it. I love these kinds of posts…little bits and pieces of life. And that potato salad is PINNED. Gotta make it!


  3. Yay! So glad the tattoos arrived.
    I think it’s okay to write about crushed ice. Truly, I like reading about crushed ice, sweatshirts (which we call jumpers), Saltwaters and vacation (holiday) plans.


  4. I’m guessing that your California road trip doesn’t include the Southern part of the state, since you also mentioned Oregon, but if it does let me know!

    I’ve come to the decision that since I’m not writing for sponsors or other sort financial obligations, I’ll just stick to whatever the fuck I want. So write about crushed ice. And pocket lint. And whatever else you feel like. I know I’ll read it (even if I suck at commenting… womp womp womp).


    1. We are flying into San Francisco, heading down to camp in Big Sur for a couple of days before heading north to a wedding in Oregon (just south of Portland). Lots of driving, no Southern California sadly (I would like a vacation with a warm weather).


  5. I just had a mini break and already need another. Write whatever you like…I enjoy getting a little glimpse of your life. BEA is a tough call. The only reason I’m going (besides seeing and meeting you awesome bloggers) is because it’s in Chicago and I can ride the train in…otherwise, not so much. Remember, I’ve got a spare room if you decide! 🙂


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