Olympic National Park
Option A: Olympic National Park

: Oh, am I still expected to cook?
Drinking: Water, water, water, and occasionally watered down tea.
Reading: Inherit the Bones by Emily Littlejohn. So far, so good!
Organizing: A little of everything. Cleaning here and there.
Coveting: A Forestbound bag. Gorgeous and interesting, right?
ListeningGod’s Gonna Cut You Down // Johnny Cash
Watching: NOT ALIAS. I was extremely sad that Netflix pulled this show just as I was halfway through season three.
Smelling: Breakfast potatoes. Not mine, sadly.
Wishing: To both go into labor and not go into labor. Is it too much to ask to HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL over every aspect of the process? I think not.
Loving: Pizza. As one does.
Adoring: Halloween. I love this season, weather permitting.
Needing: Sleep! I am so exhausted with no hope of it getting any better.
Feeling: Sore. But it comes with the territory and I’m okay with it (most days).
Wearing: Stretchy stuff, because when you don’t think you can get any bigger, you can. Which, given how small my baby is predicted to be, just seems unfair.
Wanting: Birkenstocks. Still. I blame this on the ridiculously hot and prolonged summer Denver is having (I refuse to call this 80+ shit fall. Where’s the snow? Where’s the rain?) and my swollen feet.
Wondering: About that delicate, impossible work life balance. It’s strange to talk to people about leave time. People who don’t have babies think 10-12 weeks is an incredibly generous amount of time off. Those who have had one recently know how messy and emotional things still are after only two months postpartum. I do have to return to work, I don’t have a choice, and I do want to, but if I had 4-5 months off (rather than 2.5), I’d be both a better employee and parent.
Thinking: About this post from Andi, so good! Because I am too old for this.
Hiking: Ha. Hahaha. I do walk. A little. But I am, VERY TENTATIVELY, planning a vacation next year. The question is… Acadia National Park or Olympic National Park?

Photo found here, from what looks like a defunct Instagram account (sad!).

9 thoughts on “Lately

  1. No baby yet eh… are you overdue?

    Might be time to move up north… 1 year mat leave and it’s currently snowing. And if things don’t go well with that election next week… just saying…


    1. I am not yet, and I’ve never gone overdue, which is where I think I’ve been spoiled. But there is a first time for everything, I suppose.

      I voted lasted week, and not for that guy. If he wins, my disappointment and disgust will be severe. And I like Canada, I grew up near(ish) the border in New Hampshire, Montreal was one of the close nearby cities. I’d totally move there if someone would give me a job. I am taking “maternity leave”, but since we don’t actually have it here in the US, I am taking unpaid leave for 10-12 weeks, which is when I have to return or they kick me off the company health insurance. A bit of a sore point, if you can’t tell…


      1. Or move to Australia 😀 (12 weeks paid leave included in the one year you off work)…. But very, very little snow.


  2. I don’t have kids and I’m not even sure if I want to, but I can completely understand wanting more time off with your newborn. I can’t imagine going back to work so soon, and I always feel for my friends when they post on Facebook about dropping the baby off at daycare that first time. Maybe I don’t think true maternity leave is so much to ask since I don’t exactly have a “normal” job anyway.

    Both Acadia and Olympic national parks are HIGH up on my to-do list! I’m planning for us to take an Alaskan cruise while we’re here in Hawaii (must escape perpetual summer!) and I figure we could hang out in Seattle for a few days before or after. Hopefully we’ll have time to get up to the national park!


  3. I remember so clearly wishing that the baby would come out but also hoping that it wouldn’t. Ha! Some control over these things would be nice, wouldn’t it?
    It’s too bad you only get 10-12 weeks. I’m with Laura – move to Canada! 🙂


  4. 1. The only cooking you need to do is that baby – hang in there!
    2. I suspect that Australia doesn’t understand breakfast potatoes.
    3. Maternity leave – it’s impossible to solve, it’s never right, whatever you do someone else will judge – BUT I do think, if an employer is giving you 2.5 months off, what’s the difference if it’s 4…?
    4. That pic is AMAZING.


  5. My sister’s just fixing to go back to work after an all-too-short maternity leave. I want to hug her — I know she’s miserable about leaving the baby so soon. Luckily my mum’s able to take him for now, so he’ll be with someone who specifically loves him, still.


  6. The lack of maternity leave in the US just boggles my mind. How can a country be so modern and progressive in so many ways, and yet so completely and hopelessly backwards in others?!?! And really, how do employers expect new moms to be fully present at work when they’re barely functioning from all those sleepless nights? It really does make me shake my head.


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