The Cinematic Glory of my Teenage Years

kat-stratfordI, like any good, angsty teenager of the ’90s, loved Daria and My So-Called Life, but my taste in movies was (occasionally) less than stellar. Does that mean I love these movies any less? Nope. 10 Things I Hate About You FOREVER.

The theme this week is movies. Action, Romance, Thriller, etc. I will call this list “if you grew up in the later ’90s and had a rather unworldly outlook on life” teen movies. Did I like other movies outside of this made up genre? Yes, yes I did.

In no particular order:

Bonus: Blue Crush. Hawaii and surfing and fabulous abs…
10. Save the Last Dance.
Who didn’t want to secretly be a fabulous dancer?!
09. Center Stage. See above. Or was it just me?
08. Now and Then. This one is just plain great, right?
07. She’s All That. Because what teenage girl doesn’t appreciate the message that a haircut and contacts will be all that’s needed to make Freddie Prinze Jr. fall in love with her? There may be a bit of sarcasm here.
06. I Know What You Did Last Summer. My early foray into horror. No wonder I am scarred for life. But Lois Duncan!
05. Sweet Home Alabama. Really, when I think about it now, Melanie is the worst.
04. The Breakfast Club. All the angst. And Molly Ringwald.
03. Ever After. Cinderella + Drew Barrymore = Everything.
02. Clueless. As if…I wouldn’t include this on my list.
01. 10 Things I Hate About You. I wanted to be (and probably was) a less cool version of Kat.

How perfect is this image in tying together current events and top ten Tuesday? I, again, am mostly being sarcastic, but also…not so much. Because this could explain a lot. This brilliant illustration is available for purchase on etsy.

For more movie lists, go here.

14 thoughts on “The Cinematic Glory of my Teenage Years

  1. Feeling a little old because I was certainly not a teenager when these movies were happening… and in fact saw Blue Crush at a ‘Babes in Arms’ movie session for mothers and babies – an odd choice to program for new mothers, on reflection!
    Drew is the only person I’d switch teams for…


  2. God. Sweet Home Alabama is one of my guilty-pleasure movies. I never have the power to change the channel when it’s on TV.
    And 10 Things is on my list too! Sometimes I feel like I love it a little too much.


  3. Oh my goodness, I loved so many of these! Sweet Home Alabama got watched a lot. I still watch it if I catch it on TV. I saw She’s All That in the theater with a bunch of friends. We were preteens, I think. Looking back it has a horrible message, huh? Great list!
    My Top Ten


  4. Feeling old here. I might have seen a couple of these. But my one big movie of the 90s was BBC’s P&P. My friend and I would watch it over and over at University whenever we had any free time or were inclined to procrastinate. The one movie we went out to see that I can remember was Legends of the Fall. I think I remember this one because we sobbed our way through it and were embarrassed to get up and leave at the end.


  5. I LOVED Ever After and watched it a million times in high school and then promptly forgot about it ever existing…I’m not quite sure why. Clueless, on the other hand…I even made my husband watch Clueless (he liked it).


  6. Yes to *almost* all of these movies (Sweet Home Alabama didn’t do it for me). Also – Empire Records! We also watched a lot of Scream movies because they are based on murders that took place in my hometown so the fear was very real.


  7. People used to tell me I was exactly like Kat when I was younger! In a way I appreciated it, but in another also fairly significant way, I was like “uh okay? thanks for basically calling me a bitch?” I think it was the combination of sarcasm and long fair hair that made them say it.


  8. Love Ever After! And my friends and I watched and rewatched 10 Things I Hate About You a number of times in college. I was also crazy about The Truman Show.


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