Making: Green Chili Chicken in the slow cooker.
Drinking: Ice water.
Reading: I just finished The Clockmaker’s Daughter, another good one (but not the best) by Kate Morton.
Organizing: Travel plans. We’re heading to Campobello Island in Canada soon. It should be cold… But fun, right?
Coveting: This bag from Josefina. Not a practical price point.
Listening: Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett.
Watching: Outlander is back!
Wishing: I was better about organizing my photos. I take so many, but don’t take the time to organize them as well as I should.
Loving: The fall weather. As I get older, I have not enjoyed the heat as much (unless I am by the water).
Adoring: That my children have turned into such little bookworms as of late. My oldest is now at the age where we can really discuss books we enjoyed reading. The latest was Holly Black’s Doll Bones.
Accomplishing: I’m almost back to posting regularly, and yes, it feels like a huge accomplishment.
Needing: To find a website/program to create good graphics that does not charge me a monthly fee. Does such a unicorn exist?
Feeling: Exhausted! I’m never going to change this answer. Well, maybe when the baby is five.
Wanting: To grow my Instagram following (it seems so insecure to even type this), but it seems like an insurmountable feat at the moment. I’m open to suggestions. I participate in prompts, I comment and post regularly, I use hashtags, etc.
Wondering: If Allbirds and/or Rothy’s are worth all the hype. Anyone care to chime in? In lieu of spending gobs of money, I just bought driving mocs in a lovely marigold yellow (for $11) and they’re like wearing slippers to work.
Thinking: About Instagram, Bookstagram, and the idea of developing a brand. It sounds ridiculous in my case, yet I admire the people that accomplish it. Did you see the vicious article on Vulture?
Lamenting: My inability to watch The Haunting of Hill House. I just finished the book in September, but I tried watching it alone and then couldn’t sleep…
Celebrating: I just passed the one year anniversary at my new (now not so new) job. It’s been a really good change.

How are you fairing these day? I was pleased by some of the election results and disappointed in others (my county voted down an increase in school funding AGAIN).

(Image via pinterest, Greer Garson and Eleanor Roosevelt on the set of Sunrise at Campobello)

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