The Clockmaker’s Daughter // Kate Morton

I’ll make this short and sweet.

The Clockmaker’s Daughter is not a groundbreaking novel, but it is a good one. It features many of the elements that I’ve come to expect and enjoy in a Kate Morton novels – multiple timelines, intricate mysteries, and an evocative location.

The summer of 1862 is a pivotal year in the life of Birchwood Manor. A group of artists plan to use the house to explore their creativity and find inspiration, but by the end of the summer, a woman is dead, another is missing, and a priceless heirloom has been stolen. These events reverberate across time, influencing the new residents of the house in unexpected ways.

Although the novel perhaps had one time period too many, Morton did an excellent job of wrapping things up. Like all of her novels, it was an immersive, satisfying reading experience. You can’t go wrong when a novel has a ghost, an archivist, and a beautiful house on the Thames.  Have you read any Kate Morton novels? My favorite is The Forgotten Garden.

*I received a review copy of this novel in exchange for my opinion (thanks, Netgalley!).

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