Ablutions: Notes for a Novel by Patrick deWitt

A man walks into the bar… There are too many places to go with that, so I’ll take the aposiopetic approach… You are a thirty something year old man. You work at a bar that was once glamorous but is now notably seedy. There are various unsavory characters that frequent the bar; you observe themContinue reading “Ablutions: Notes for a Novel by Patrick deWitt”

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

The Sisters brothers are Charlie and Eli Sisters, two Gold Rush era contract killers employed by the Commodore to dispense with those who wronged him (the initial “wrong” need not be known). Eli, the younger and more conscientious of the two (a violent sweetheart if you will), is hoping this is their last job. CharlieContinue reading “The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt”