What Changed You? The Sound of Things Falling by Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Sometimes there is a moment or event, beyond your control, that changes your life. I specify beyond your control because there are several events that will change your life that you can choose – marriage, family, career – but there are many you can’t – abandonment, violence, death. This post focuses on the latter*. SoContinue reading “What Changed You? The Sound of Things Falling by Juan Gabriel Vásquez”

The Half Brother by Lars Saabye Christensen

Boxing. The noble art of self-defense. In an effort to be less defenseless and partly because my university required physical education to graduate, I took years of boxing and kickboxing in college. My training wasn’t quite as effective as one would hope, as I still feel too ridiculous for anyone aside from my trainer to watch me.Continue reading “The Half Brother by Lars Saabye Christensen”

Revenge by Yoko Ogawa

So after a disastrous Valentine’s Day (is there any other kind?), I was in the mood for revenge, or at least a haunting collection of short horror stories. Perhaps they’re one in the same – at the very least they’re fulfilling the same purpose. Regardless, in a rather dour emotional state, I picked up theContinue reading “Revenge by Yoko Ogawa”

The Preacher by Camilla Läckberg

From Goodreads: In the fishing community of Fjällbacka, life is remote, peaceful, and for some, tragically short. Foul play was always suspected in the disappearance twenty years ago of two young campers, but their bodies were never found. But now, a young boy out playing has confirmed the grim truth. Their remains are discovered alongsideContinue reading “The Preacher by Camilla Läckberg”