Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

In Warm Bodies* by Isaac Marion, what we’ve all been waiting for has finally happened. The zombie apocalypse has devastated the human population and the zombies continue to terrorize the few remaining survivors. Living in stadiums, the humans are subsisting on nutritional supplements, faux food, and what little they can grow. R is a zombie, but he’sContinue reading “Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion”

Zone One by Colson Whitehead

Too highbrow to read zombie apocalypse novels? Intellectual reader, may I introduce you to Zone One by Colson Whitehead. Whitehead, who has what you would call literary street credit with novels like The Intuitionist and John Henry Days, has written what one might not think possible: a well-written, witty, and literary zombie apocalypse novel. “ZoneContinue reading “Zone One by Colson Whitehead”