Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas

Lucy is a sweet, successful glass artist living with her seemingly wonderful boyfriend in Friday Harbor (in the San Juan Islands –  this book will seriously make you want to visit). She has grown up in the shadow of her once sick, now healthy sister Alice. Alice has never been afraid to take anything she wants, but would she go so far as to steal Lucy’s boyfriend? Yes – and her house too! Lucy, shaken and unsure of herself, moves in with good friends.

Sam Nolan, a vineyard owner, is one third of a troubled trio of brothers who grew up on the island. Eventually Lucy meets Sam, who has zero interest in involving himself with her romantically, but the two become good friends and maybe more. As they soon discover, both Sam and Lucy are unique, and perhaps have a deeper connection then they realized.

Rainshadow Road paperback

Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas is a sweet, satisfying romantic novel with a twist. Sam and Lucy are supremely likeable characters and the reader is inclined to root for them through the entire story. This is the second entry in the Friday Harbor Series by Lisa Kleypas. The first, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, was an entertaining read, but Rainshadow Road is more enjoyable (and more developed). The second entry focuses on Sam Nolan, middle brother of Mark (the star of Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor) and Alex (star of upcoming Dream Lake). Bottom line: I’d give it 4/5 if it’s your genre of choice.

Photo: Lisa Kleypas

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