Casting the remake of Stephen King’s The Stand

There have long been murmurings about a remake of “The Stand” miniseries (based on the novel by Stephen King). As of 2011, Ben Affleck’s name has been attached to direct. Do I think this will ever really happen? I don’t know, but I’m hopeful. At any rate, as long as they get a better Frannie Goldsmith, things are moving in the right direction (I love Molly Ringwald, but she was NOT Frannie).To say I am excited about the potential is an understatement. “Gone, Baby, Gone” and “The Town” were both excellent (and Argo looks promising), proving that Ben Affleck is no longer the punch line of a bad cosmic acting joke (“Gigli”, anyone?). A great many people have already done this (and some, certainly, better than I have), but I couldn’t resist re-casting with who I think would fit. Here is one version of my dream cast for the remake of “The Stand” by Stephen King.

Thoughts? Alternatives? Who would you cast?

Photos: via pinterest, goodreads, via pinterest.

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