The Stephen King Movie Guide for the Adventurous Movie Watcher Who Adds Anything Described as Laughably Bad to the Must See List and Isn’t Scared of Anything (Even Really Scary Things).

Because bad is good. There are plenty of best and worst Stephen King adaptation lists out there. And while I think the tendency is to remember how many truly terrible movies he’s put out there, there are a lot of great ones that don’t quite seem “Stephen King” – like The Shawshank Redemption, Stand byContinue reading “The Stephen King Movie Guide for the Adventurous Movie Watcher Who Adds Anything Described as Laughably Bad to the Must See List and Isn’t Scared of Anything (Even Really Scary Things).”

King’s March 2015: Link Up #3

It was a long week around these parts, but I was happy to be able to fit in a little bit of Stephen King. In this case, I revisited a few older, less favored titles. It’s tough to review books that you wouldn’t necessarily recommend, because why would I want to spend a couple of hoursContinue reading “King’s March 2015: Link Up #3”

Stephen King Mini-Reviews

Twitter style. Twitterary? Twitteresque? Important things to note: I am not quite adhering to the 140 character limit. I’m a rule breaker that way and I like punctuation. I am, however, sticking with the sentiment behind the idea – short and to the point. The Tommyknockers: Two words: Alien vagina. But… The Tommyknockers is not THAT bad.Continue reading “Stephen King Mini-Reviews”

A Death by Stephen King

I’ll keep it simple. In a word: ick. Great dialogue though. I liked it. You can find the story of Jim Trusdale, Sheriff Barclay, and the silver dollar in the New Yorker. It’s free. Pair with whiskey. I can’t explain how much I want to try this Root Canal (root beer float with whiskey –Continue reading “A Death by Stephen King”

Stephen King: A Literary Gift Guide

  So you’re trying to figure out what to get the Stephen King fan in your life. Sure, you could go the traditional route and get a book, but what happens if they own all of them? Even Rage (in which case, they could probably afford the pricey concert t-shirt I’m pining over)? Here’s a list featuringContinue reading “Stephen King: A Literary Gift Guide”

The Stephen King Book Club

The Stephen King Book Club? That should be a thing. And I want to be a member. My guess? It’s already a thing somewhere, I just haven’t found it (or been invited) yet. Soon. This week’s top ten list is book club picks. There are so many books, both old and new, that would makeContinue reading “The Stephen King Book Club”

{Like This, Read That} Shelter from the Storm by Bob Dylan

This particular feature is still being figured out, but as I’ve done TV shows (Gilmore Girls, Twin Peaks) and books (‘Salem’s Lot), I thought I might try a song. When I’m not feeling particularly great, I listen to Bob Dylan – and there’s been a lot of Bob Dylan listening lately. Anyway, ‘Shelter from theContinue reading “{Like This, Read That} Shelter from the Storm by Bob Dylan”

Literary Mixtape: ‘Salem’s Lot

‘Salem’s Lot is the second novel Stephen King wrote and, in my opinion only of course, considerably better than his first. I am rather ambivalent about Carrie; I neither liked nor disliked it. I am glad it wasn’t my first Stephen King novel, as my unadulterated love for all things Stephen King might not haveContinue reading “Literary Mixtape: ‘Salem’s Lot”

Horror Stories: Twelve of My Favorites

Even though fall has clearly gotten lost on its way to Colorado (hello record breaking temperatures, please go back to summer), it is still my favorite season of the year. To quote Anne, I am so happy I live in a world where there are Octobers. Despite it seemingly being in contrast to my aestheticContinue reading “Horror Stories: Twelve of My Favorites”