Mini-Reviews (in 140 characters or less)

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, no? Or reading gets in the way of reviewing? Because lately I’ve been far more inclined to read a book than write about it… Here’s a round-up of what I’ve read recently, but haven’t written about. Twitterary style. Yes, I made that up, but I like theContinue reading “Mini-Reviews (in 140 characters or less)”

Stephen King Mini-Reviews

Twitter style. Twitterary? Twitteresque? Important things to note: I am not quite adhering to the 140 character limit. I’m a rule breaker that way and I like punctuation. I am, however, sticking with the sentiment behind the idea – short and to the point. The Tommyknockers: Two words: Alien vagina. But… The Tommyknockers is not THAT bad.Continue reading “Stephen King Mini-Reviews”

January Mini-Reviews

1. Against the Country // Ben Metcalf. I tried to read this. Twice. I didn’t finish. Quite honestly, I’ve got nothing on this one. Except suicidal chickens. (I’m serious.) Notable quote: “Town for me will forever remain a place where one put a bag of questionable design on one’s head for Halloween, and acquired what candyContinue reading “January Mini-Reviews”

Mini-Reviews: Above, Heaven’s Queen, Steal the North, and The Plover

Recently, I’ve read more books than I can possibly review. Or that I want to review. So I’m doing another round of mini-reviews. Hopefully this will allow me to catch up without disappointing anyone (mostly myself). Above by Isla Morley One line synopsis: Sixteen year old Blythe is kidnapped by and held captive by aContinue reading “Mini-Reviews: Above, Heaven’s Queen, Steal the North, and The Plover”