What To Read If You Like Midsommar

I’m picky when it comes to horror, and will usually err on the side on not watching a movie, so as not to be disappointed. When I finally watched Midsommar, I was really impressed and surprised. It’s so beautiful and idyllic, and the pervasive sense of dread is suffocating. I loved it. So the questionContinue reading “What To Read If You Like Midsommar”

What To Read if You Love Stranger Things

It’s probably no surprise that I love Stranger Things. I love it enough that I’ve watched it twice, once with my husband and once with my son (because I thought he would love it too (he did)). With season three not releasing until July 4th, 2019, I thought a list of books that are reminiscentContinue reading “What To Read if You Love Stranger Things”

Like This? Read That.

This is, by far, the week I am most excited about for Nonfiction November – pairing a non-fiction book you love with a fiction book of equal measure (I have a whole feature dedicated to the idea of “Like This? Read That.”). Nonfiction November is run by Katie at Doing Dewey, Rennie at What’s Nonfiction?, Julie at Julz Reads, Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, andContinue reading “Like This? Read That.”

{Like This, Read That} Justified

Justified is one of my favorite contemporary television shows. I’ll admit to being more than a little sad that it’s over, but fear not, if you want more Justified in your literary life, I have just the books for you. I love when there’s an obvious place to start and with this show, which isContinue reading “{Like This, Read That} Justified”

{Like This, Read That} The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand is considered one of King’s best books for a reason – it’s just that good. While there are moments of horror and the grotesque, it’s neither particularly scary, nor overly bloody. It’s lengthy, but well written. Oddly enough, it was originally published is a heavily (by King standards) version coming in at 823 pages.Continue reading “{Like This, Read That} The Stand by Stephen King”

{Like This, Read That} The Walking Dead

(Please note: If you have never watched The Walking Dead, but plan to, don’t read this post. Spoilers abound.) While The Walking Dead isn’t my favorite show of all time, that honor remains with Twin Peaks or The X-Files, it’s up there on the list of television I enjoy. Sure they took way, way, WAYContinue reading “{Like This, Read That} The Walking Dead”

{Like This, Read That} Shelter from the Storm by Bob Dylan

This particular feature is still being figured out, but as I’ve done TV shows (Gilmore Girls, Twin Peaks) and books (‘Salem’s Lot), I thought I might try a song. When I’m not feeling particularly great, I listen to Bob Dylan – and there’s been a lot of Bob Dylan listening lately. Anyway, ‘Shelter from theContinue reading “{Like This, Read That} Shelter from the Storm by Bob Dylan”

{Like This, Read That} Gilmore Girls. Part Two.

Now that Gilmore Girls is streaming on Netflix – something we can all be thankful for this holiday season – you might be wondering what to read if you enjoy that particular show. Now if you truly can’t get enough, you can read the novelization of the show. But I don’t recommend that. Instead, youContinue reading “{Like This, Read That} Gilmore Girls. Part Two.”

If You Like Gilmore Girls, Read…

Just under one week from today, it will be October 1st. And do you know what happens on October 1st? All seven seasons on Gilmore Girls become available for streaming on Netflix. So…you know what I’ll be doing next Wednesday (I’ll also be ordering Chinese take-out). In the meantime, before you can catch up withContinue reading “If You Like Gilmore Girls, Read…”