A Perfectly Adequate Beach Guide For (Almost) Every Reader.

Picking a book (or three) for the beach can be tough. Do you go classic? Contemporary? Literary? Sci-fi? Here’s a guide to help you. For those looking for the quintessential beach read: A Hundred Summers // Beatriz Williams (review) For those who want something set in the rural south/Gulf of Mexico region: Salvage the BonesContinue reading “A Perfectly Adequate Beach Guide For (Almost) Every Reader.”

Where Are They Now?

It sounds like the title of a fun celebrity update (like Full(er) House), right? I wish. Because I’d love to share the weirdness of Macaulay Culkin  or the fashion designs of the Olsen Twins. Or the surprising normalcy of Dakota Fanning and Sean Astin and the train wreck of Lindsay Lohan. More importantly,  I’d loveContinue reading “Where Are They Now?”

{Like This, Read That} The Walking Dead

(Please note: If you have never watched The Walking Dead, but plan to, don’t read this post. Spoilers abound.) While The Walking Dead isn’t my favorite show of all time, that honor remains with Twin Peaks or The X-Files, it’s up there on the list of television I enjoy. Sure they took way, way, WAYContinue reading “{Like This, Read That} The Walking Dead”

Movie Adaptations: The Unknown Edition

I make an honest attempt to read the book before seeing the movie, but sometimes I see a movie (or watch a show) that I had NO IDEA was based on a book. From the ‘book to film adaptation’ genre, which I made up solely for today’s list, I’ve somehow missed reading these staples: 10.Continue reading “Movie Adaptations: The Unknown Edition”

The Stephen King Book Club

The Stephen King Book Club? That should be a thing. And I want to be a member. My guess? It’s already a thing somewhere, I just haven’t found it (or been invited) yet. Soon. This week’s top ten list is book club picks. There are so many books, both old and new, that would makeContinue reading “The Stephen King Book Club”