Ten Books for the Botany Lover in Your Life

Please note I mean botany lover and not botanist… Though I imagine they can be one and the same. In this case, it’s for the casual fan of botany, bordering on eco-lit fan. Although if you’re interested in a specific botany topic, I can probably help you with that too. These books, however, are meantContinue reading “Ten Books for the Botany Lover in Your Life”

Debut Novels To Look For: Early 2016 Edition

For me, there’s something very hopeful about debut novels. New opportunities to read fresh ideas written in new, (hopefully) original voices make me a very happy reader. Here’s what I’m looking forward to in the first few months of 2016. 10. The Children’s Home // Charles Lambert. “For fans of Shirley Jackson, Neil Gaiman, Roald Dahl,Continue reading “Debut Novels To Look For: Early 2016 Edition”

Once Bitten: Favorite Werewolf Fiction

I must admit to being slightly astounded by the sheer number of werewolf (and shifter) romance books out there. Apparently that’s sexy…* Despite my determination to be on top of the romance trends, this one has eluded me. Regardless, it is nearing Halloween, and it’s the time of the year I want werewolves to be scary.Continue reading “Once Bitten: Favorite Werewolf Fiction”

{Like This, Read That} The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand is considered one of King’s best books for a reason – it’s just that good. While there are moments of horror and the grotesque, it’s neither particularly scary, nor overly bloody. It’s lengthy, but well written. Oddly enough, it was originally published is a heavily (by King standards) version coming in at 823 pages.Continue reading “{Like This, Read That} The Stand by Stephen King”

Things I’m Looking Forward to This Fall

Pumpkins. Apple cider. Sweaters. Tights. Boots. Soups and chowders. Knit hats. Halloween. Rustling leaves. And reading! I always love reading, but autumn is my favorite time of year to do so. There’s something about the cool, dark nights that make it so comforting. I’ve been trying to catch up on my backlist reading, as wellContinue reading “Things I’m Looking Forward to This Fall”