Childhood Idols

Nancy DrewI will take a minute to be thankful that we are not judged on our childhood idols. Right? Right. If we were, I’d clearly be blond, meddlesome, and prone to trouble – but also, I’d be absolutely darling. I don’t know that I’d necessarily want to revisit any of these characters. Some of them I lived and breathed as a child, so I don’t need any more time with them. Some of them I have updates on.

10. Roberta // Now and Then. Not bookish, but true. I fiercely identified with the smart, sassy, tomboy Roberta. I also loved Devon Sawa and Caspar. (I said no judgement.)

09. Ramona //Beverly Cleary. Pest or not, Ramona is the best.

08. Matilda // Roald Dahl. Smart and gifted.

07. Mary Ann Spier . BSC forever.

06. Nancy Drew. Enough said. But also blond, roadster, and apparently invincible….Β Also, I’ve revisited Nanc Drew as an adult, it wasn’t pretty.

05. Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield // SVH. Though I clearly identify with Elizabeth, I always kind of wanted to be Jessica too.

04. Harriet the Spy // Lousie Fitzhugh. Spy!

03. Margaret. I could probably devote a whole list to Judy Blume, because Sally J Freedman would definitely be on there too.

02. Buffy // Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also not bookish, but why not?

01. The many I did not list. It’s late, I know I’m missing one or two. Dirk Pitt? Frannie Goldsmith? Someone else nontraditional?

Who did you want to be?

33 thoughts on “Childhood Idols

  1. Ooh Buffy all the way! Also, there was this kid in one of the Enid Blyton books I read as a child, who used to be in a circus. Total envy!


  2. Yes to 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9. Dare I say I was a little too old for BSC (eeek!). Tell me it’s not weird that I still have Team Elizabeth vs Team Jessica debates in my head – like you, I was Elizabeth but felt life as Jessica would have been a bit more exciting…


    1. I don’t remember BSC really picking up steam until the early ’90s, but they were around (in the US) in the mid-80s – not that I was reading them yet, so I will give you a pass.

      And it’s not weird, as I honestly do still think about comas/motorcycles/etc.


  3. Ramona always annoyed me for some reason. I liked Nancy Drew because I fancied myself a detective (still do) but even as a small child I could smell the formula a mile away. I wanted to be Susan in the Chronicles of Narnia (the early ones). I was pretty convinced that I would never turn my back on make-believe like Susan did, but I wanted to be the bossy one and have mad archery skills.


  4. Mary Ann really was the best babysitter πŸ™‚ And yes, really I could probably list just all Judy Blume characters and be okay with that decision. I really liked Blubber but I cannot for the life of me remember that girls name…Great List!


  5. I love the movie Now and Then! Roberta was awesome. πŸ™‚ My husband and I still watch Buffy episodes occasionally, especially Once More with Feeling – the musical one. Best TV episode ever!


  6. I remember wanting to be Harriet the Spy, and carrying a notebook and pencil with me everywhere I went. I soon tired of this when I realized nothing interesting ever happened around my neighbourhood. πŸ™‚ How I wanted that dumb-waiter!


    1. Meg is a good one! And H might soon be old enough to appreciate Harriet the Spy, at least that’s what I’m doing with my kids (Superfudge and The BFG were recent ones I slipped into my son’s TBR stack).


  7. Great list! I have Ramona and the BSC on mine too πŸ™‚ I want to go back and re-read these books now! Happy Reading!


  8. I don’t know many of these, but yes to Buffy! There were Bufy books based on episodes, so it counts. I know, I had them! I’ve heard of some of the others but not all. Then again, I spent my childhood in Germany, so I was surrounded by other characters. Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post


  9. Ha! I wanted to murder Ramona when I was a kid. I had long hair that my classmates could not resist pulling, and I really identified with the girl whose hair damn Ramona keeps pulling. HANDS TO YOURSELF RAMONA. :p

    As a kid, I wanted to be Matilda. I had it in my head that I’d stay in regular school (because I knew skipping grades made one’s life socially difficult) and just keep the power to move things with my mind. Friends plus telekinesis seemed like (still does actually!) a pretty sweet trade-off for a bit of boredom. It’s not like I couldn’t still spend time at the library.


  10. Absolutely Nancy Drew- which is quite funny because my hairstyle looks a bit like hers (as close as I can get to beachy waves). Not the color, which I never understood- titian?! Hunh? Still, she seemed so independent and unafraid.

    I always liked the daring of Pippi Longstocking.


    1. Right?! In my head she was blondish and titian means auburn (I had to check)… I liked her independence too and that she had a girl cousin with a boy name (which I appreciate).


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