You Found Me How…? Part IV

I find blog statistics a bit useless – except for search terms. I love reading the ways people find me; it’s both bizarre and satisfying. Because what exactly is someone trying to find when they search “I’m sad, hug me”. I really want to know. And does anyone really think Gillian Anderson’s children were secretly fathered by David Duchovny? Because I kind of love them if they do.


10. What do you think of an older man who has sexual fantasies about his son and his son’s girlfriend? Nothing good.

09. A couple of things you need to know when you are cliff jumping. I’m sure there are a couple of things, none of which I can teach you.

08. I’m nobody’s fool and especially not yours. True – I’d like to think.

07. Teletransportation to do list. If you solved the issues of teletransportation you are my hero.

06. Horticulture Misogynist. Um…

05. Is Ani DiFranco a snob? I hope not.

04. I’m sad, hug me. Please do.

03. Is oscar and felix anderson’s actually duchovny’s sons? Finally, a person after my own X-Files loving heart.

02. So Annoying But I Love You Anyway. Yep.

01. You Have Found Me. Indeed, now what are you going to do with me?

Do you pay attention to blogging statistics of any sort? I know should – if I ever want to make any money…

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25 thoughts on “You Found Me How…? Part IV

    1. ME TOO! I’m pretty sure it brought them to a post with this pun: You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think.

      But I doubt that answered the question about horticulture misogynist.


  1. When I joined WordPress I was super eager to learn about the ridiculous search terms that brought people to my site but… apparently if you have WordPress SEO installed they only find your blog by legit terms. Which is so boring. I’m thinking of uninstalling just for the giggles. 🙂


    1. You know, I have no idea if I have that installed or not. I had somebody do the move for me, so I couldn’t tell you what I ended up with. The sad (great?) things about these terms is that most of them are legit. I should stop talking about weird stuff in my reviews/lists – I’ve written about all of the terms above, I just don’t think I’ve answered any questions people might have.


      1. I had someone do the move for me too but then I went on to this “WordPress Plugins YOU NEED NOW” type of post and downloaded a whole bunch of crap. WordPress SEO was one of them and it’s supposed to help generate more traffic to your site using Google search or something. I don’t understand.


      2. I just looked and I definitely don’t have that plugin (I only use four – Jetpack/Related/Alpine Instagram/Akismet). The big, bad world of plugins has frightened me off for the time being. Getting the transfer done was a big deal in my fairly non-technical world. I


  2. When I first saw a post about these search terms, I went looking for them on mine, but couldn’t figure it out. Still can’t. Obviously, I have a bit more to learn…

    I can’t understand why people search what they do, unless they are ten, like my son. If I don’t watch him closely, he tries to google things like ‘shake your butt’ and ‘Mommy is a poophead’. Not good.


    1. They should be in your stats tab, under views by country, then referrers, and next will be search terms. If you don’t have any for the day, you can click on summaries and choose you time frame.

      I include mostly the silly ones, not necessarily the prevalent ones (i.e. the single most popular search term to reach my blog is “fourth street review”, which is nice and normal).


  3. I love checking search terms! Even though I always get frustrated that WordPress will only show me what a tiny percentage of them were; I may have 30 search referrals in a day, and I’ll only get to see five of them. It makes me unreasonably angry.


    1. I typically assume people are searching privately. I wouldn’t blame them, I do. Because there are people like me who exploit people’s strangeness for fun…


  4. I’m on WordPress and I guess they do their job because they’re all fairly legit but on my blogger personal blog I get some interesting ones. From last week: no underwear wearing women. Yup.


      1. Probably not! I mostly talk about clothes and pop culture on that one- way more frivolous than books but mostly I think it’s that blogger’s spam filter is weak- not that I’m that interesting!


  5. I look at my traffic, but it’s just because I love numbers. I have no plans to monetize or anything fancy like that. I also get really pissed when I get ambushed by spambots. Recently I had “teachers bladder images” and “50 shades of grey bad writing” (which made my heart SO happy).


    1. I look at my traffic, I just have to dismiss it. Otherwise I might get sad and start in on “why is everyone else’s blog popular and mine isn’t?” and that would be unattractive.


  6. “And does anyone really think Gillian Anderson’s children were secretly fathered by David Duchovny? Because I kind of love them if they do.”
    *Slowly holds up hand*

    You always get the best search terms.


    1. I don’t think they are, I just WANT them to be. So consider my hand half raised. Of course, I also loved the fact that she named her sons Oscar and Felix.


    1. I’ve always thought it would be nice if people landed on my site searching for bookish things, but no, I get “it is raining a mist in my basement” (that was this morning).


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