Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Poet Days Jobs

10. Please enjoy the day jobs of poets (above).

09. I bought a car. It was as awful as I thought it would be.

08. Nirvana was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. It’s amazing to me that it’s been twenty years since the death of Kurt Cobain. Nirvana defined the early ‘90s (for me).

07. Five Pulitzer decisions more shocking than Donna Tartt’s win. Personally, I’m ambivalent about this particular selection, but Faulkner winning for A Fable was pretty shocking.

06. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He was one of those authors I loathed as a young teen, but greatly appreciated in my early 20s. 

05. Why, WHY are jumpsuits and rompers coming back? Unless you are less than 24 months old, just no… I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately.

04. “It’s still National Library Week. You should be especially nice to a librarian today, or tomorrow. Sometime this week, anyway. Probably the librarians would like tea. Or chocolates. Or a reliable source of funding.” Neil Gaiman

03. Yeah, I’m not gonna read that. To read or not to read erotica… Either way, you must read the comments. For what it’s worth, I’ve read some and my cynical side says it’s far too unrealistic (i.e. in no way am I interested in 12 continual hours of activity, ouch).

02. Anyone thinking about getting married? Ask Charles Darwin for advice. My favorite: don’t marry, you’ll have less money for books.

01. I consider myself a very easygoing person. I like to get along with everyone – outwardly, at the very least. My mind is a shockingly sarcastic place. However, I have one coworker that just won’t leave me alone. To be clear, he is not harassing me, he just says a variety of rude, passive aggressive things. Luckily he’s in a different department, so I’m only subjected to him a few times a week. I’m trying to come up with a response other than “FFS, SHUT UP”. No luck yet. 

How’s your week? Have you thanked/kissed/bowed down to a librarian this week? Personally, I’m all about Neil Gaiman’s chocolate suggestion (dark chocolate with sea salt, please).

Thanks to Christine for hosting.

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24 thoughts on “Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

  1. I didn’t know about the librarians week 🙂 I think here in Spain we don’t have that kind of weeks, unfortunately.
    I didn’t like 100 years of solitude, but anyway, I feel sorry for Gabo’s death.


    1. I was wearing overalls too, by Guess probably, maybe esprit.

      Fashion right now is particularly horrifying, but on a good note I haven’t been spending much on clothing recently.


  2. I love and admire librarians! I’m very lucky that some of my best friends are librarians and we can talk about books until we’re blue in the face. I’ve seen here and there on Twitter promotion about National Library Week. Maybe they need to be a little louder about it next year.


    1. The library I work at is doing nothing for library week – a little acknowledgement would be nice!

      As a whole, I think librarians are usually interesting and varied people (and I don’t say that because I am one). I just think it attracts a diverse, intentionally well-read, information-loving crowd.


  3. As much as I adore librarians, I am ashamed to say that I completely forgot this week was National Library Week! But I’m going to the library today, so I will have to offer my undying gratitude while I’m there…and pay my overdue fines.


    1. Librarians themselves are the worst when it comes to fines. I rarely remember to return my books on time and am always reluctant to pay my fines – despite it going to a good cause.


    1. You’re welcome. Those comments made my day brighter (and funnier, at the very least). Plus, as liberal minded as I think I am, I learned something new.


    1. I made the mistake of wandering in to Forever 21 the other day. The horror. And you’re right, it’s straight out of vintage 90210 (the crops tops, oh my).

      And no, you cannot get a dress that’s all one length. You’ll have to wait until next season. Hopefully.


    1. -Hopefully at least ten, unless cars start to fly. I had so many specific needs that it was difficult to find a car that would work, but wouldn’t be horribly expensive.

      -Nope, thus the ambivalence. I can’t say one way or another.

      -He made my advanced high school English class miserable, but made my college lit class lovely. The difference a few years make…

      -I saw what I thought was a perfectly lovely dress, but it turned out to be a romper. This specifically:

      What would possess someone to not make that a dress?

      -The asshole will walk by my desk and say something like “You know, you’re smarter than you look” or “It must be nice to be able to sit at a desk and relax all day”. Just, ugh…


  4. I am SO with you on the jumpsuits and rompers. Unless you’re still in diapers, you need to wear some freaking pants.

    Car buying is horrible. When I bought my last car I used AAA- I told them what exactly I wanted and they found the best deal in the area for me. I was in and out in maybe an hours tops. I’m sure if I had done more homework I may have saved a few hundred bucks, but there was just no way I could stomach the haggling.


  5. “don’t marry, you’ll have less money for books.”
    This will now be my answer every time someone asks why I am single, relationships devourer book money.

    I love to loath GGM’s Love in the Time of Chloera, well written with plenty of characters to hate. Sad to see him pass, he was a talent.


  6. I was quite sad to hear about Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s passing. I’m glad I didn’t read his books when I was in high school (in fact I may have read Love in the Time of Cholera a little too early to truly appreciate it) as I really appreciated his works when I read some of them a few years ago.

    Jumpsuits…I don’t know what to say about that coming back in style =/

    Congrats on the car! (?)


  7. Fashion is awful lately. took my 14 yr old to the mall and her options are VERY limited- either look like a freak or a slut. And WHY is forever 21 like that? Its like it is set up by lunatics!


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