Brood by Chase Novak


So what do you do when you’re part werewolf? I know this is a question we all wonder frequently. For Adam and Alice, two children born under the most mysterious of fertility circumstances, this is a legitimate fear. Their parents participated in an experiment that guaranteed the birth of children, but did not guarantee they’d be human. Or that they, as parents, would not be tempted to eat their own young. They were, in fact, enamored with the idea of consuming their children. Until they died. Bloody, awful deaths. Now, at twelve years old, Adam and Alice are gravely concerned about their genetic inheritance. As the try to avoid the onset of puberty, they find themselves being pulled into the underground world of teenage hybrids gone wild.

Brood* is, in a word…fun. It’s not great literary fiction, it’s not ever great horror, but it is good fun. Adam and Alice are adolescents, and like most adolescents, they can be a bit obnoxious. Side note: Was anyone insanely awesome at age twelve? Because I’m pretty sure that is the most awkward age. Ever. As they struggle to fit in with their new home – they are now being raised by a slightly overbearing, but well-meaning aunt – they begin to discover an underground culture of their own kind – complete with sex, drugs (sell, not consume), and winged babies. Reading this book is like giving yourself permission to tune out of the grim reality of the world. It’s a mildly disturbing read perfect for those looking for an autumnal read that’s not too scary.

Seriously, just pictured a winged 9 month old flying around the house. That image can’t be beat. Happy Halloween!

What do you like to read/watch around Halloween? Admittedly, despite my love of scary things, my favorite Halloween film is Hocus Pocus.

*I received a review copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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