Lately West Lake
: Mexican Chicken Soup. Very good. I use extra lime.
Drinking: Mint lemonade.
Reading: The 100 by Kass Morgan.
Coveting: Ace & Jig Tribal Pattern Shift Dress. Not happening, but a girl can dream.
Listening: Budapest / George Ezra
Watching: Hell on Wheels. Anyone else a fan?
Smelling: Sparkling yuzu and lime aromatherapy candle.
Wishing:  For a warm winter. With rain. No snow (except when I am off from work).
Enjoying: The lovely autumn weather! Seriously, it’s been in the mid-sixties all week.
LovingHow To Tell If You Are in an Alice Munro Story. Hilarious.
Needing: To  finish my Christmas shopping AND mail out my Christmas cards. 
Feeling: Hopeful. And tired. I want nap time to become a culturally accepted (daily) activity.
Wearing: ALL the flannel. Still. I don’t have a thing, but it I did it would be flannel. Angela Chase style.
Wanting: To make sea salt rice krispie treats. Like these ones (via Bookishly Boisterous)
Aiming: To find a good book to break me out of an epic reading funk. I doubt it is The 100, but it’s fun.

How is your holiday season coming? I know some of you must be planners, but does anyone procrastinate like me? Somehow the season got away from me this year…

8 thoughts on “Lately.

  1. My holiday has been pretty mellow…or is it lazy? I’ve been busy, yet there are things undone and I don’t care. Lol. I intended to do more shopping and yet I hit a point and then felt like, that’s good enough. I plan on fully kicking back and relaxing after next week.


  2. Eric and I are big fans of Hell on Wheels. I originally started watching it because of Common, and then fell in love with it. Almost rage-quit watching it this season, but I’ll keep my lips zipped until I know you’re caught up.


  3. For the first time ever, I got half of my holiday shopping done done done in November. And then I sort of forgot about it when it became December, and now, yes, I feel like the whole holiday season hasn’t sunk in yet. Maybe I need more flannel to make it feel like winter. Flannel = za best.


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