I’ve Got 99 Problems, but a Book…Is One?


1. Too many books. There’s no such thing… Except there kind of is. Though, to be fair, it’s more of a not enough time or space issue.

2. Book pushing. Other readers don’t mind my book pushing ways, but everyone else gets a little irritated. But honestly, who doesn’t think Rex Libris: I, Librarian is awesome?

3., 4., 5., 6. The need to own bookish things. I will never, for my own safety, calculate what I’ve spent on book paraphernalia.

  • socks (as seen here).
  • print.
  • the miscellaneous byproducts from working in the technical services department.
  • card catalog (as seen here).

7. One of the must-haves when I was servicing for a house was a home library. It took a year, but I found one. Now I just need a rolling ladder.

8. My bag has to be tote size in order to accommodate my current reads. I wish I was kidding (and so does my back).

9. There are TV shows to be watched, like The Librarians. And it’s fantastic.

10. Reading takes up valuable times. Sometimes, if you are with a person who is not a reader, they don’t understand the compulsion/need to read. And I may have more books than friends, unless you count books as friends (in which case I have too many friends).

For more bookish problems, visit The Broke and The Bookish.

Photo found here.

19 thoughts on “I’ve Got 99 Problems, but a Book…Is One?

  1. I am certainly with you on #8. Cute little bags just don’t cut it when my current read is a massive hardcover (or I’m almost done with a book and need to bring along the next one just in case I finish it while out and about…)


  2. I would absolutely love to have a home library. Definitely a goal of mine for the future. I can identify with many of the problems on your list! 😀


  3. #9 – There are TV shows to be watched, and everyone’s talking about them, but I have no clue about any of them.
    #10 – Yes, I’d rather read than do just about anything social. Sometimes I have to make myself, so that my friends won’t leave me. (I really do love my friends, though.)
    #1 – I like your spin on too many books. It’s definitely a matter of not enough time or space.


  4. “Book pushing” as in when I try to push a good book as a selection for my book club and instead they vote on a “lighter” read which then will result in “Book bashing” this Sunday when I host said book club and get to lead the discussion. My bookish problems.


  5. Number 8 & 10! Definitely have more books than friends! And my chiropractor picked up my bag when I was in his office recently and he shook his head at me.


  6. Too many books is a problem but the way I see it is there are definitely worse problems to have.

    My fiancé is not a reader and will never be able to understand how I’m able to spend as much time as I do reading. He doesn’t complain though and doesn’t even complain about the space my books take up so that’s something to be thankful for. haha


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