Now Reading…

So we’re midway through June already…?

That’s hard to believe.

Because of all the family upheaval, this month has felt weird. Not to mention the weather! It’s been cold by Colorado standards. Now that I’ve gotten the obligatory, mundane whining (weather and personal!) out of the way – on to summer reading! I’m still meandering my way through Far From the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy can’t be rushed (especially when the original was published as a monthly serial). I picked up Armada by Ernest Cline, which I am loving so far (as to be expected). I’m also working my way through a bit of brilliant environmental non-fiction (and part road trip) with All the Wild That Remains by David Gessner.

Monday June 15

So what are your summer reading (and summer) plans?  Next week I plan to hike Grays Peak and Torreys Peak along the continental divide. My trip to Lake Tahoe has been postponed, so I will hopefully be doing that later in the summer now – I need to see some water! And I will continue my beach-y reading, which means reading anything (clearly).

{Edited to add: Just noticed that this post has all the exclamation points! Weird and slightly annoying…}

16 thoughts on “Now Reading…

  1. I’m still studying… it’s all over after Thursday and then I’ll be reading the new Judy Blume and Life Moves Pretty Fast by Hadley Freeman.


  2. Sorry to hear about the unexpected family news, not that it would have been easier if expected.

    My reading plans this summer is to hopefully average a book and a half, or so, a week, although now that my kid has turned into this crazy tornado of speed, flailing toys, and giggles, I’m not sure if I’m going to get any more reading done that when I’m working.


    1. There is something to be said about saying bye, I think, but I’ve never had the opportunity. Maybe there’d be more closure? Who knows…

      A book and a half is great, kid or no. When mine were young, I listened to audiobooks for a while. And then they started picking up language…


  3. I’m listening to The Inspector and Silence (another Hakan Nesser crime novel) but it is going a bit slow. I’m still missing Wallander – Van Veeteren is not as great of a character.


    1. I’m going to sound possibly really scatterbrained and pathetic, but I read a Swedish crime novel in which the detective and his wife have a daughter Maja and followed it up with twins. I really enjoyed the series and can now not think of it to save my life… Thoughts?


      1. Yes, you must be thinking of the Fjallbacka/Peter Hedstrom series. I love those books! I have the 9th book in the series on my Kindle, but I’ve been saving it for sometime when I’m really homesick and need a great book to distract me.


  4. I’m also sorry to hear your family news and hopefully things become less weird soon. I just finished Armada and really liked it! I kept hearing the Star Wars theme while I was reading it.


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