Bleakness Is My Weakness.

“Happiness is but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain.” It may surprise no one that I like my fiction dark with a side of grinding poverty, execution, murder, miscarriage, and animal genitalia related injuries – you know, general death, violence, and misery. Maybe a few dashed dreams here and there. No wonderContinue reading “Bleakness Is My Weakness.”

Now Reading…

So we’re midway through June already…? That’s hard to believe. Because of all the family upheaval, this month has felt weird. Not to mention the weather! It’s been cold by Colorado standards. Now that I’ve gotten the obligatory, mundane whining (weather and personal!) out of the way – on to summer reading! I’m still meanderingContinue reading “Now Reading…”


Do you ever want a modern soundtrack to literary fiction? Yes? Me too. That’s the point of this feature. Whereas some people imagine cinematic montages in their head, I create a soundtrack. Okay, so I actually do both, but I prefer to share my soundtrack. Today’s mixtape features one of my favorite controversial English literatureContinue reading “LITERARY MIXTAPE | TESS OF THE D’UBERVILLES”

Dear Santa, Define Naughty…: A Top Ten List

This week’s top ten list happens to coincide with Christmas Eve, so what better topic to explore than the books I wish to see under the tree tomorrow morning. And I will see them there, right Santa*? I haven’t been this angelic all year just for fun. 10. East of Denver by Gregory Hill 9.Continue reading “Dear Santa, Define Naughty…: A Top Ten List”