Let the Good Times Roll

VW Road Trip

So not all of these car and/or car rides are enjoyable, so “good times” is not applicable for all of the following, but there’s no question that cars often feature prominently in fiction. I love automotive literature – give me a scintillating car manual any day – as much as the next person, but I hate to drive. That being said, I love a good road trip. Life is full of strange contradictions.

Here’s a thank-whatever’s-holy-it’s-not-real syllabus of automotives in fiction. In no particular order, except number one is (my) number one…

11. NOS4A2 // Joe Hill. Making Christmas creepy since 2012.
10. The Spark and the Drive // Wayne Harrison. A often overlooked coming of age story.
09. Drive // James Sallis. Sometimes you just need to drive.
08. On the Road // Jack Kerouac. The famous one.
07. From a Buick 8 // Stephen King. This car is super…natural. I love good Bob Dylan reference.
06. I Know What I Did Last Summer // Lois Duncan. Don’t do bad things with your car.
05. Wonder Boys // Michael Chabon. Sometimes the trunk is best left closed.
04. American Gods // Neil Gaiman. On the road seeing the alternate side of America.
03. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas // Hunter S. Thompson. It’s a trip.
02. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets // J.K. Rowling. And sometimes they fly.
01. Christine // Stephen King. Jealousy.

So this list turned out rather eclectic. Happy reading! Please share what imaginary class on literature you would like to teach.

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17 thoughts on “Let the Good Times Roll

      1. I read the first one and never read the rest. My sister in law can barely look me in the eye b/c of this! I figure I’ll read them to my kids when they get a little older (they’re 2 and 4 now)! But, yes, I’m aware this is super weird!


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