Top Ten Tuesday: in which I confess that my bookishness knows no bounds…

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun, weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week it’s all about bookish confessions.

Honorary #11

1. I must admit, I do dog ear book – all the time. I can never find my bookmark.

2. I sometimes think I am the least romantic person ever born, and subsequently, romance books (or books primarily dealing with a love story) are often lost on me (though I’ve tried the genre out a few times…). This does not apply to the classics, I consider both Captain Wentworth and Edward Fairfax Rochester to be swoon worthy.

3. One of the greatest gifts I could get, but have never gotten, would to be given a book AND the time to read it (i.e. a new novel + a guarantee of three hours free time).

4. Reading sometimes depresses me because it reminds of the things I’m not and things I’ll never have, but mostly it makes me happy.

5. I enjoy reading snark (Suri’s Burn Book is my favorite), but wouldn’t enjoy writing it. There is enough meanness in the world without my adding to it. I also won’t write negative reviews for the same reason (I don’t falsely review things; I just don’t review them at all).

6. I enjoy reading quirky, lesser known fiction (though it is certainly not all I read). Who needs to read another review of 50 Shades of Grey?

7. I actively seek out novels that have characters with my name or names of my immediate family members. For example, I just read Born Wicked, even though I don’t usually read YA, because it had a Finn and a Rory. I’m weird, right?

8. I had to Google what fangirl meant. Really. This phenomenon has not happened to me (yet). The closest I’ve come: see #2.

9. I’m legitimately proud to share my name with Rory Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls. She and I had a lot in common (the extreme bookishness and the incessant desire to study), though my boyfriends in high school weren’t nearly as hot as Jess or Dean.

10. Professionally, I’m a catalog librarian. So next time your searching your library’s catalog, switch over to “Marc Display/View” – this is what I do. I create records so people can search for books. I can (and often do) catalog in many Indo-European languages. I’m sure if you made it all the way to my #10, my nerd level just went up a notch.

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: in which I confess that my bookishness knows no bounds…

  1. Oh Rory… I love her almost as much as Lorelai.

    I will write negative reviews, but I always try to hit on a few positive points. While their book may blow, at least they’ve written one (which is more than I can say I’ve done).

    Great list.


  2. I like spotting my name in books too, so I don’t think it’s weird at all. And I love that you read quirky, lesser known books – it’s great finding out about hidden gems. Your job sounds pretty fun to me, and very important. Thanks for sharing your bookish confessions!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I think my job is more unique than important, but it is a lot of fun if you’re very detailed oriented. There are not a lot of librarians that voluntarily get into the resource desciption and access field.


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