Shameless Hoarding: A Top Ten List

I have long since reached the conclusion that I’ll never get to read everything I would like. Can it be ‘long since’ anything if I’m not yet 30? I say it can. Regardless, it is a well-known fact that most bookish people buy more books than they can read. I am no exception. I would say it’s a vice, but there are worse things than wanting to read more. So I’ll continue to wish for longer days and even longer nights. I’ll still buy books that may never be read and I’ll be happier for it. Though certainly not as happy as I’d be if I actually read said books…

If stacked, my unread collection of owned books would look something like this.

This week’s top ten list (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish): books I just HAD to buy, but have not read. Sadly, there are more than just ten of these.

10. Wool by Hugh Howey. I’ve actually read part of this (and now own the novel). I’m only including it on this list so I can tell you I went to his talk this past Friday. He is a very nice author who wrote a fantastic book – so read it (with thanks to Annabel for making me read it). The rest of you can thank me later. Now the important part – while signing my book, he said he liked my name so much he might use it for a character. I hope he does, I can’t explain how excited I would be. Also, apparently it doesn’t take much to make me happy, just write a story with a character named Rory (rhyme not intended, but unavoidable).

9. Heft by Liz Moore. I know it’ll be good. It just isn’t happening.

8. Proof by David Auburn. This one is the most likely to languish and die unread on my bookshelf, despite how short it is. Math and a bit of madness should be high on my list…

7. Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. Also known at Outlander #3. I love Jamie Fraser as much as the next girl, I really do. I think men could use Jamie’s speeches as a modern guide to women. However, the series just doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe I should rethink that modern guide notion?

6. The Regulators by Richard Bachman. I have no valid explanation…

5. Stonemouth by Iain Banks. In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t read my copy of Skagboys yet either. Two friends were married this past summer in Aberdeen, I had planned on, but ultimately wasn’t able to attend. Maybe that explains the Scottish fiction? After Ireland and Sweden, Scotland just wasn’t going to happen (I’m still trying to figure out how I am going to make San Francisco, Vancouver, and London happen this year – lottery?).

4. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell. This is a favorite book of a favorite author. I want to read it, but…nothing. I just haven’t read it.

3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I have no excuse given the number of times this one has been recommended to me.

2. A Step Beyond Innocence by Nora Johnson. It took me months to find this at an affordable price, then I had to pay extra to have it shipped from the UK. I HAD to have it. Given that it’s on this list, it’s still not been read.

1. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. I swear this book, in its unread state, is mocking me.

Photo found here.

34 thoughts on “Shameless Hoarding: A Top Ten List

  1. Love the photo you used for this week’s TTT! I think we can all relate to that pile 😀 I also have that David Mitchell book sitting on my eReader, reminding me every so often that I still have yet to read it. Soon…

    Hehe, my mum has all of the Outlander books (except the latest) sitting on the shelves downstairs waiting to be read…I got through the first one but yeah, never got around to the others…dunno when I will ever get to them =P

    North & South and The Book Thief = <333

    My TTT


    1. I almost think Outlander would have been better if she just stopped at one. It ended as if it wouldn’t be a series. I’m fairly certain I will not get through the series and I’m okay with that.

      I loved Ghostwritten, so I’m fairly certain I will love Autumns. Joe Hill’s new book apparently references a character from that book, so I’d like to finish it before April. I shouldn’t say that as it just sets me up to fail…

      North and South and The Book Thief. I know I will love them – there’s just a lot of pressure now!


  2. I’m so glad you’ve read Wool now! However, I must scold you most severely for not having read The Book Thief.


    1. Thanks. My problem with The Book Thief is that I know it’s going to be sad (I tend to take on the mood of whatever book I’m reading, so I’ve been hesitant to pick it up).


    1. As odd as it is, I get really excited when I see my name in a book. I almost agreed to review a romance recently just because the main character was named Rory. Sadly, I just couldn’t do it, but it would’ve been fun to see.

      Heft and The Book Thief will be read when you read Empire Falls and Tell the Wolves I’m Home. So let me know when it happens and I’ll start on mine…


  3. Yes you can say long since, as I say long since and I have only now reached the 23 year old mark.
    I have a gazillion eBooks that HAVE to be read. And actually twice as many real books. And I fear that I will never ever get to them.
    I did read on someone’s post today that gave me some hope though. One day we will all be broke pensioners that hold on to our money and are to stingy we will hardly buy food. Then we will have all the time in the world to read all these books because maybe, just maybe we will no longer be buying books ( a girl can dream)


    1. Ha! That will probably be true. I have to buy all the books now so I’ll have something to read when I’m old and poor. By then they’ll be classics.

      Fantastic justification.


  4. I think North and South is the most difficult to read of Gaskell’s books, and I was unable to finish it, mostly from a sense of dread. However, you must read The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. That is one of my favorite books of all time!


  5. I am an unabashed Outlander fangirl, so obviously I think you should read Voyager. That said, I totally get not being hooked on a series. However. The Book Thief? Read that one. With a box of tissues. Worth it.


    1. I liked Outlander, the follow up I just found lacking. I’ve been hesitant to start the third one. Regardless, I have the highest opinion of Jamie.

      I really try to limit my crying to once or twice a decade, so I’ve been avoiding The Book Thief (and your comment suggests rightfully so). 2013 is the year.


      1. Oh yes. It will be very difficult to not cry during The Book Thief, so save it for one of your sanctioned cry times. Also, I appreciate that even though you may not read the rest of the series, you still hold Jamie in high esteem. That is most appropriate.


  6. Yep, Wool and the Book Thief are also on my shelves unread. I’m a crazed fan of Outlander so I have to do my part and tell you that you need to read that. Because you should. Because… Jamie. Come on. 😉


    1. Jamie. He is the reason I read the books (all two…). It just so. much. drama. All the time. I’ll wait for the miniseries most likely. I have a girl crush on Keri Russell and I so badly want her to play Claire. There were rumors of Katherine Heigl and I got a little nauseated at the thought (not a fan, except for Roswell, which I can be forgiven for because I was a teenager).

      In turn, I’ll tell you that you must read Wool. The Book Thief…I’ll let you know.


      1. Katherine Heigl for Claire?! That’s… blasphemy. She’s the last person I’d picture as Claire.
        I really have no excuse for Wool. I snagged the first two back when they were free on Amazon and nobody knew about them. I’ll get on that.


    1. The miniseries may or may not be the entire reason I want to read the novel. I won’t admit it either way.

      However, I’ve also heard it referred to as Pride and Prejudice with a social conscience, which is a solid reason to read it as well.


  7. I feel kinda guilty about it, but I didn’t enjoy and didn’t finish “The Book Thief!” It felt too smugly experimental for my tastes.

    I’m finally reading “North and South” and enjoying it, though – even if it does just make me want to go re-watch the miniseries. Mmm, Richard Armitage.


    1. I would take Richard Armitage over Colin Firth any day. I love that there are people who both love and hate The Book Thief. I feel like I want to be contrary and not cry – though it is a terribly sad subject, so it is a battle I’ll likely lose.


    2. I just wanted to add that I love the end of that miniseries, when he is so surprised and happy she stays. I don’t know if that’s how the book ends, but I adore that bit.


      1. So far the book is very different! I’m four or five chapters in and she’s just now found out that they’re moving north. It’s very interesting, though, and I’m enjoying all the extra relationships and character traits that the series just didn’t have time to flesh out.


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