Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts: A Top Ten List

I love lists. No surprise there. I have a whole tab dedicated to lists. I love Top Ten Tuesday, even if it is primarily dedicated young adult fiction (which is great, just not what I typically read). However, on occasion there’s a topic that really doesn’t interest me – like today’s (favorite secondary characters). So I’m changing it up and stealing (with credit) Christine’s bookish and not so bookish thoughts list idea.

it is what it is

1. I have a potentially life changing meeting/presentation in front of a full committee this week. I’m terrified. Please excuse me while I go cower in a corner and cry. While cowering I’ll also be fretting over what I should wear and which way my hair will look prettiest. Sometimes it’s truly ridiculous to be a girl. If I was a guy, I would wear a suit and tie and be done with it.

2. Tying in to number one, I explain (read: defend) my job to people frequently – this is what I’ll be doing at the meeting. For 3/5 of my work week I’m the head of cataloging department at my library (for 2/5 I’m PIC for the reference/public services department). Cataloguers are the unicorns of the library world – important, awesome, but rarely seen. We create the records that people search to find what they want – someone has to write those records and format them into a machine readable cataloging record so that the database can search and display the information using accepted, controlled vocabulary. In multiple languages (the oddest I’ve worked in is Kazakh). Next time you can find the book you’re looking for, thank a cataloguer. And maybe, just maybe, people will stop asking ‘and you need a master’s degree for that?’. (But probably not.)

Someone had to write this.

3. I’ve decided to do a comparison of all the Jane Eyre adaptations. And yes, I’ve been known to do things list this (like that time I thought it would be a good idea to watch the James Bond movies in order, I was watching James Bond for a month – in my defense it wasn’t entirely my idea and I didn’t do it alone). So far I’ve watched the Orson Welles version, the William Hurt version, the Toby Stephens version, the Michael Fassbender version, and I’m currently slogging through the Timothy Dalton version. I’ve always heard it was the best one, but I’m having some serious issues with it (like Jane’s squeaky exclamations).

4. Last week, I finally made it through Lincoln. I…liked it, I guess. Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing. Rounding out the list of movies watched: Liberal Arts (fine), Martha Mary May Marlene (fine to good), and What Lies Beneath (good).

5. I updated my about page, my reviews list, my blogroll, and my top ten lists. It needed to be done, but fun isn’t the word I’d use to describe the experience. FYI, Katie certified me awesome. I’m official, y’all.

6. I’m working on finishing my home library (the décor part, the book part is continuously evolving) and casually toying with the idea of putting the house up for sale. I’m thinking if I say I’ll share the finished library, it will motivate me to get it done faster. Maybe. You could call this project ‘How many times can Rory fuck up choosing a paint color and throw rug?’. The answer: too many to count.

7. And by paint color, I mean various shades of black and white. There was that time I tried mint green walls with a blue striped rug, it wasn’t good. I can’t believe I’m publicly admitting to that.

8. If you couldn’t tell, I tend to be very sensitive to my surroundings. I need things to look, feel, and be a certain way to feel at home. I do (sometimes) get a bit vexed over paint colors, throw rugs, furniture lay out, and (of course) any vermin that attempt to share my space.

9. If I was to start watching one of these shows, which one should I watch? Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, or Orphan Black.

10. I feel like this is the month of literary fiction. There was The Good Lord Bird, The Sound of Things Falling, and now At Night We Walk in Circles and Fallen Land. I’m going to need something fluffy, light, and fun after this. Suggestions? No chick-lit please. I can’t handle a love-to-hate him, love-to-love him, get married, happily ever after story right now. Just…no. The romantic in me is on hiatus.

So, please share (if you’re willing), what is going on with your life? Renovations? Work crises? Heinous break-ups? You know, something that will make me forget that the future of my professional life is hanging in the balance.


44 thoughts on “Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts: A Top Ten List

  1. I feel ya. I suck at being a girl. I can’t do my hair to save my life and I suck at putting anything other than basic makeup on. My suggestion is look nice but make sure you’re comfy… because you’ll have too much to focus on without fretting about your shoes hurting. And good luck. 🙂
    Did you throw in something about Jane Eyre as a reminder to me? I will get on this soon. I DID try to start it (I had the audiobook downloaded on my phone) but… the narrator was pretty crappy so I’m going to try with the actual book next time I’m feeling inspired.
    You’re going to sell your house after all the work you put into it?? You crazy.
    Eek. Mint green. That’s bad.
    Oh my gosh I’ve heard Orphan Black is amazing but I can’t seem to find it on my TV. I watch Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy and both are good. SOA is one you definitely need to start at the beginning with though.
    I need something light and fluffy too. I tried that with Love Story but that sucked. #fail

    I have nothing to share…well I did have a job interview on Friday and I’ve been obsessively checking my phone all day… if I don’t get this job I shall cry. That’s about it. My life is boring,


    1. I totally should have been a guy for several reasons: my sense of humor, my distaste for shoes, and my lack of interest in hair or make-up. I do love clothes, clothes don’t always love me though. I’m lucky, I have fairly good hair. I don’t know what I’m going to do when it starts turning gray (let’s hope 15+ years from now), I might have to suck it up and go to a salon. I’ve never, not once in my entire life, tried eyeliner. What can I say? My mother was a hippie and the household I lived in after was so religious that I was not allowed to wear make-up (God makes you the way you look best, etc., etc.).

      Yep, the Jane Eyre thing is directed at you. Not really, but it should be. I really do love that book. Aside from White Oleander, it’s one of the first adult books I really fell in love with. Also, there’s Mr. Rochester, because who doesn’t want to fall in love with someone who intentionally fucks with your mind. I do. I’m actually serious about that. 😉

      Orphan Black is on PBS here, I haven’t watched it, but I want to. I want to watch Sons of Anarchy because of the motorcycles. I have no real interest in motorcycles, but there is specific sort of appeal in men who ride them…

      Love Story. It perpetuates the biggest relationship lie ever. If you love someone, you apologize when you’ve been mean/spiteful/cranky/petulant/take your pick. Plus, death. Not fluffy.

      My presentation is a job interview. I’m nervous. I’m being interviewed by the hiring committee for a coalition of universities. There’s a lot of pressure (self-inflicted only, of course). I love my current job, so if I don’t get it no real loss, but my current Sat-Wed schedule is slowly wearing me down (on year 5 of it).


    2. Yeah, once I start going gray I will likely start dying my hair. Fortunately I think I’ll be able to hide it because I have a fair hair color so it won’t be as noticeable. I found one a few years ago but he apparently hasn’t made friends. Thank goodness.

      The one awesome thing about going into Jane Eyre (I think) is the fact that I haven’t seen any of the adaptations either so I really have no clue what the book is even about. But I have heard mention of this Mr. Rochester before… I’m intrigued.

      I checked my DVR but could not find it. Hm. SOA was really good in the beginning years but my interest has definitely dwindled. It’s still good though.

      Gah. Not only the death not being fluffy but (and I get it, this was done back then) the whole keeping her illness a secret from her! And it never seemed like he really loved her… it was all about doing what his dad didn’t want him doing. It was ridiculous.

      Ohhhh… well good luck even more! Job interviews scare the pants off me but I can totally understand because that schedule? Icky. But at least you’re not in a position where you HAVE to find a job.. you have your current to fall back. Same here, but I’m looking to utilize my $25k piece of paper and I’m not doing that at my current job.


      1. Ugh, my hair is so dark that any grays I develop will be super obvious.

        I finally finished the Timothy Daloton Jane Eyre. It wasn’t my favorite, but it did show exactly how manipulative Rochester could be. Rochester pulls a lot of “well I needed to know if you liked me, so I made you jealous…”. The Toby Stephens one, my favorite, makes Rochester out to be a bit of better guy (which deep down, because if I married a character it’d be Rochester, he is).

        This is only the second interview I’ve done in front of a full hiring committee. I’m borderline terrified. I just have to keep reminding myself that I love my current job, even if my schedule sucks. I always though framing a degree was silly. When I realized I spent 50k just for my masters, I framed it within a week.

        (Not that I could forget how much I paid, as I’m still paying it back. If there was anything that could obliterate the soul of humanity, it would be student loans).


  2. Totally concur with Bonnie in wearing something you feel comfortable in for your presentation. I advise not going for any shipment fetching in strappy sandals beforehand either (I loved that post! Could SO relate).
    I had no idea there were so many Jane Eyre movies. I like the William Hurt version over the newest one but am very interested in the Timothy Dalton version.
    Your work is impressive – ‘nuf said!
    I prefer things a certain way in my home as well. It needs to feel like a sanctuary or I’m outta sorts. We’ll be redecorating for sometime but hopefully the bedroom will be done within the next couple months and that should bring me some serenity.
    I did not like Lincoln but do adore Daniel Day-Lewis. He is talented beyond words which I find extremely sexy. The man curls my toes.
    I’m honored to be mentioned in your blogroll – thank you 🙂
    Don’t watch any of the shows you’ve listed but I highly recommend Homeland, Downton Abbey and you already watch The Americans.

    Last week I re-arranged my closet. It used to be arranged according to color but now I’ve arranged by functionality – items that go together and the pieces I really wear so it’s weeded out a lot. It’s interesting and I’m not sure yet whether I like it.


    1. I bought a cute suit today and tomorrow I’m going hunting for a blouse to wear under it. I’m looking for something with polka dots (really), my personality comes with a certain amount of whimsy and I like to express it within reason (black and white polka dots only). You know I still hard little scars from the massive blisters that formed that day.

      I liked the William Hurt version well enough, I really enjoyed Charlotte Gainsbourg as Jane. Side note, I also really enjoyed her in Melancholia, which was good, but lived up to the title.

      I get a bit irritable about the masters degree comment. It’s not an easy job, if only for the consistent dealings of people who want things for free (i.e. my hold for ‘Transformers 3’ isn’t arriving fast enough). The particular MLIS I have is a huge (time-wise) degree, I like to point out to the disbelievers that I did go to school for as long as a lawyer – so a little respect please.

      I do like Downton. I want to see Homeland at some point. My closet is arranged by item type. Dresses with dresses, t-shirts with t-shirts, sweaters with sweaters. Within those divisions it’s organized by color. The way you have it arranged will allow for easy locating of key pieces.

      *This really is taking my mind off of my meeting. Success.*


  3. Thanks for the credit, haha.

    Breaking Bad is awesome and we just started watching Orphan Black- it incredibly intense. So much so that I have to do something else while watching it, just so it doesn’t scare the total shit out of me (I’m really jumpy). It is great, though.

    Good luck at your meeting! I despise talking in front of others or feeling like I’m on the spot, so I can definitely sympathize.


    1. You’re welcome. I like being able to ramble on at length but blame it on someone else. Incredibly convenient.

      My brother says I have to watch Breaking Bad before anything else. I will probably start there, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t liked it.

      Thanks. I’ll need it. I talk to people all day long, but there is something unnerving about have to sell myself and my abilities.


  4. Well, you asked…

    My life has been interesting the past couple weeks. I’ve been staying with my parents because my dad just had a kidney transplant and I’ve been helping out around the house, making sure someone could visit the hospital on the days my mom and my brother were both working all day, and taking care of him (mainly getting him food and driving him to various follow-up appointments) after he came home.

    [There’s more to that story. I think you already heard about where the kidney came from… but just in case… So, yeah, lots of emotion about that whole situation.]

    And then last week, I had a nasty day on Friday. We thought my dad was doing great, he’d come home on Monday and was feeling a little better every day, but after he went in for some tests that morning, we got a call that afternoon saying they wanted him to come back to the hospital… they were concerned about some of his numbers, and we basically had no idea what was going on. They ended up keeping him overnight. As soon as my mom got there from work, I came home (I’d started up with the sniffles while we were there… thought it was allergies but turns out it was a cold which has had me knocked out for the past three days… awesome, just what I need, right?). I was already feeling miserable about the whole thing (hence my “go out and drink or stay in and eat” tweet that night) and just when I thought I couldn’t feel any worse… I get the news that my good friend’s mom finally lost her battle with cancer.

    So… yeah… I’m pretty much ready to go home and get in bed and not come out for a month.


    1. I’ve been thinking about you and your family. That sounds really creepy, but it’s true nonetheless. I’m glad he seems to be doing better, things *will* keep improving (I’m not one for positive thinking about my own issues, but for your’s I will assume it’s as powerful as everyone says). The whole situation would be an emotional landmine, but at least something good has come of it.

      I hope your cold passes soon. In situations such as those, I find staying in and eating (and then drinking – what can I say, I like gin and tequila, though not together) to be what helps me most. I thought fried rice was a good choice. Sorry about your friend’s mom. Not to reinforce all the depressing events, but what a crappy month(?).

      I sincerely hope things start improving. If it’s any comfort (and not TOO creepy), know that I’m am thinking of you and your family and wishing everyone well. You need a break!


      1. No, it’s not too creepy. And yes, it has been a spectacularly crappy month. I hate to say it, but I’m kind of waiting for one last terrible thing to happen this week before September comes and takes it all away.

        And yes, eating AND drinking would have been lovely, but I don’t have any liquor here, so I would have had to go out anyway, if only to the liquor store… and besides, I had texted that same friend as soon as I got home from the hospital to see if she wanted to go out for drinks, only to get a call from my husband later that evening about her mom, so then I just felt terrible and guilty (“and you thought YOU had a bad day” kind of guilt) and after that I just didn’t have the energy to go anywhere.

        But if a drink had magically appeared in front of me, I would have drunk the crap out of it.


    1. No, this is only a one time thing. Thankfully. I’m sure it’ll be fine if I manage not to vomit all over myself. I’m thinking I’ll just skip breakfast to be safe. I just have to get through Thursday.


  5. I recommend The Walking Dead, as it’s the only one of your list I watch. I have about 25 mosquito bites right now, if it makes you feel any better about your predicament. I mean, I am like freakishly itchy. Like scratch your skin raw itchy. Nothing works! Gah! I also have a leak in the bathroom faucet that will very likely require a whole bathroom remodel to repair so I’m putting it off. (It’s a long story about an old house and ancient plumbing and the previous owners not doing the tile very well…)


    1. I suppose I could have the meeting and be covered in 25 mosquito bites. That would be worse. Did you know that one in ten people are highly attractive to mosquitoes. Congratulations on being part of the 10%! Can’t say I’m envious…

      I have a very similar leak in my bathroom (same tile story and everything, the previous owners thought they were DIY experts – they weren’t). It makes me want to cry. I’m just being super careful right now because my only other viable bathroom is under construction at the moment…


  6. Best of luck with the presentation/meeting! I’m sure it’ll be awesome 🙂

    Hee, the watching and comparing Jane Eyre adaptations sounds like fun! I’ve only watched the Toby Stephens and the Michael Fassbender versions. And yeah, I also heard that the Timothy Dalton one is the best one–hope it gets better soon? 🙂

    Re: #9, Orphan Black, definitely 🙂 My brother and I got our parents hooked on that show, hehe (and I wrote ridiculously long entries on my blog about it, lol) xD


    1. Thank you. I will endeavor to share your confidence. No guarantees.

      It is. I know that book better than I know any other novel (except maybe Bag of Bones by Stephen King). My favorite is the Toby Stephens, though I love the costumes in the Fassbender version and I find Mia W. delightful/simply gorgeous. I like Dalton well enough, it’s the actress playing Jane who is getting on my nerves.

      Orphan Black will be happening soon hopefully.


  7. First, break a leg at your meeting. If you take that figuratively (as a performance good luck charm), you’ll be fantastic and they’ll realize how important you are. If you take it literally, well, then they’ll feel TERRIBLE that you broke a leg during a library meeting and they’ll do everything they can to keep you happy there. Heh.

    I’ve been reading some heavy books, too, so I’m not sure I have any quick light book suggestions. I will think about it and get back to you.


    1. Thanks, though I expect I will try and avoid a broken leg. I’ve never broken a bone and I don’t want to start – I’m too chicken (don’t want to break my 30 year streak either).

      Everything I’ve read lately has been very ‘serious’, even if it was funny at times too.


  8. Walking Dead.

    The first series is good, the second one sloooooooooooow and the third increasingly ridiculous – all very different, which I liked.

    You’re thinking of selling your house? Didn’t you complete it only recently? Is this a project thing – once it’s done you feel an itch to get a new one?


    1. The Walking Dead has the advantage of easily available (and short), plus I like Norman Reedus. So it’s very likely first.

      My house (there’s a dramatic sigh involved here). No, it’s not complete, though I’m only about 3 steps away from the library being done. I’ve finished several rooms, but not everything. I’m contemplating selling for a couple of reasons. The first is that when I bought the house I expected my life to take a particular direction, which I now no longer think it will. The second is that my interview is back east, so I would need to sell if (for whatever crazy reason) I got and accepted the job. However, if I don’t get it (the most likely option), I intend to stay where I am. So no, not a project thing, I’m too attached to it. I did do that with my first house though, which I hated and wish I never bought, so I sold it within two years of purchase


      1. Ok hat makes sense. Good luck with the interview, I’m sure you’ll knock ’em dead.

        Norman Reedus is good in it – my favourite character as it happens.


      2. Thanks, I’ll most definitely need it and it’s good that you’re sure*, because I’m not. At least it doesn’t matter too much if I get it or not, that’s relieves some of the stress and potential disappointment. I’m competitive enough that I still want it though.

        Good to know about Norman Reedus, I’d hate to be disappointed.

        *unless you’re sure that I’ll be so dreadful that they really will all die, because I’m half convinced I will.


  9. I HATE having to figure out what to wear for professional things like that. It does suck being a girl when it comes to that. But more importantly, I hope your meeting goes well! And I hope that you make whatever decision is best for you, and will lead you to the most happiness.

    Also, being a cataloguer sounds awesome. Almost makes me wish I had, I don’t know, finished college? But seriously, yay you.

    And as for TV shows, DEFINITELY either Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead. Both are pretty fantastic, addictive, and lead to great moral/what would you do kinds of discussions. I think if I had to choose just one though, it’d be TWD.

    Hmmm… fluffy and fun, but not chick-lit or romance… The Universe Versus Alex Woods? Ella Minnow Pea? True Grit? Or maybe just a fun non-fiction or memoir kind of book? I don’t know, I’m bad at book recommendations, weirdly enough. Bad personality trait for a book blogger to have, right?

    Not much is going on in my life, just moving stress, which is normal. And the stress that comes along with being behind in blogging and catching up with fellow bloggers 😉


    1. I look ridiculous in a suit, but that’s what I’ll be wearing. And thank you, I have no idea what to do, but at least it too premature to worry about it yet.

      I think I’ll probably watch TWD first, because there’s less to catch up on.

      I’m terrible at book recommendations outside the top ten I usually recommend. Light and fluffy? I’ve got nothing. I have heard good things about Ella Minnow Pea.

      Good luck with the move, may it be stress free and delightful (I HATE moving, so better you than me – at this point).


      1. Ella Minnow Pea was so great. Kind of quaint, but clever and intelligent and awesome.

        Yay TWD!! 🙂 I’m sad we’re not going to have cable when we move so I wont be able to watch it. But we get it for free at our current apt, & I’m not willing to pay for cable when we move. More reading!


    1. Maybe I’ll read Michael Pollan’s new book. I’ve been interested in that one. Though his predictions about food scare me half to death (and then make me want to plant a garden).


  10. Good luck with your meeting / presentation – I am sure you will be excellent. I’ve never put any thought into the genius of the library system, but now I shall, because golly, that looks complicated. Being a woman can be difficult, with the clothes, hair, make-up, making sure those things all look good to those who surround you. Men turn up like sweaty slobs no one cares as long as they do the job, but if a woman cannot maintain their appearance it is like the world has ended. Other women can be the worst critics as well.

    I don’t watch any of those shows, but I am hearing good things about SOA and BB.

    Something light and fluffy, hmmmm – Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher is a short and witty memoir; anything by Kate Morton is good, not for fluff, but for ‘oh okay, not to much thinking here, but lots of loveliness’; oooo The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde!!

    My life: I’m waiting to hear if I have got a job, and the suspense is killing me.


    1. Being a woman is difficult because there is so much pressure to look and act a certain way (but not to be too pretty or too smart, because that’s not good either). Men are obviously smarter simply by being men. I do a bit of side work for a company that believes that last bit, it’s difficult not to get extremely annoyed about it. Women are far too hard on other women, it is amazing the amount of cattiness in the world. It’s like everything needs to be a competition. I blame Pinterest. I’m only partially kidding about the last bit, but does anyone really care whose birthday cake was better? I probably shouldn’t ask questions I don’t want to know the answer to…

      Breaking Bad is supposed to be the best thing on (American) television, I know I’ll watch it eventually, it’s just a matter of when. I did enjoy Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden, I’ll look into Wishful Drinking (the title sound promising).

      Good luck with the job, waiting is the worst (after the interview).


  11. New reader of your blog here, and this post touches on so many things I could talk about. First of all, I had to laugh to see a blog post with a MARC record in it, because I look at those all day. I was a cataloger and now I’m more of a metadata librarian, which means less actual record creation and more conducting data quality projects, updating cataloging guidelines, etc. Can I just say that serials are the worst? Lucky for me, what I do is appreciated at my job.

    Several years ago, I did a self-assigned project to watch a bunch of Jane Eyre adaptations and then I wrote about them on a movie discussion forum. I think only one person read my posts. I saw all the ones you mentioned plus the Ciaran Hinds version. The Toby Stephens miniseries is my favorite but the Timothy Dalton one was horrible, which is funny because I think it is the most faithful. There’s something to be said for film adaptations that have their own vision.

    Anyway, the actress who played Jane in the Timothy Dalton version was kind of prissy/sanctimonious if I recall correctly. Weird acting choices with her – I disliked her performance so much. Ruth Wilson (of the Toby Stephens adaptation) was for a while the only Jane Eyre I liked. After seeing the most recent Fassbender version, I can say that I also like Mia W. but not as much as Ruth Wilson. I think Jane is a difficult character to capture both in the screenwriting and in acting.

    It was really fascinating to see how all the adaptations dealt with St. John and with Mr. Rochester’s secret, two of the more difficult plot points to carry off.

    Good luck with your presentation!


    1. I’m between a cataloger and an archivist, with a little bit of reference librarian thrown in. My job appreciates what I do, it’s the general public (when they ask).

      You remember correctly. Zelah Clarke (?) was a horrible Jane. She was annoying and, you’re dead on, sanctimonious. The Ciaran Hinds one is upcoming, I’m waiting for my hold to come in from the library. The Toby Stephens/Ruth Wilson is far and away my favorite. Both actors did a great job. I think the Dalton one was the most faithful and it did a nice job of showing how manipulative Rochester actually was, but I had so many issues with it that I didn’t enjoy it. I liked Mia’s performance, I found Fassbender’s to be alright.

      And thank you! It was this morning, I’m so happy it’s done. Now I just want to put it out of my mind for a while.


  12. YAY for cataloguers! Good luck on the presentation.

    Do you think you might enjoy Where’d You Go, Bernadette? It’s actually got more depth than I expected; it’s funny and snarky and has quite a few fun facts that a spermologer might appreciate.

    I don’t watch much TV so I can’t endorse any shows. I watch Castle on TNT on nights when the hub isn’t home so I can watch a bunch of episodes from 5 pm to 9.


    1. I’ve heard a lot about Bernadette, I’ll have to look into it. And I adore trivia, it’s a sickness. People around me get a little annoyed with ‘Did you know…?’.


  13. I was out of work for almost two years after having been on maternity leave for almost a year… I went to so many job interviews, I almost stopped feeling nervous! Luckily I got a great job now which I love. Good luck on your interview – just prepare yourself as best you can and you’ll be fine 🙂


    1. I have a job I like, so I wasn’t as nervous as I would’ve otherwise been – but still plenty nervous. I think it went okay, not great, but okay.

      I’m always jealous when I hear about other countries maternity policies. In the US, you get six weeks of unpaid leave and that’s it. Some companies will stretch that to 12, but they have the right to fire you after 6 (if you’re work 32 hours a week or less, if you work 40 or more, they can’t fire you until 12 weeks).


      1. Crossing my fingers that everything goes as you hope for!
        Here we go on maternity leave 4-8 weeks before the due date (depending on what type of work you have) and then 10-11 months after. With pay! A normal work week is 37 hours. But when everything is put together, we pay close to 50% tax of what we earn so that’s why we have better social security etc.


      2. I’m currently in the 33% tax bracket and we have to pay 11% sales tax on all purchases (in addition to property tax on any houses owned). Don’t get me started on the cost of American health, I’d probably start to cry. I’d gladly pay higher taxes for better benefits, but I don’t know that the US govt. is concerned with what any of its citizens think. Sigh. I sound so whiny without meaning to.


      3. I really don’t think many politicians or governments care about much besides reelection. I’m really disillusioned right now about the whole system…
        We pay 25% sales tax as well as property tax… But we don’t pay to go to the doctor or the hospital – well, we pay for it by paying taxes but that’s it.


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