You Found Me How…? Part III

Who doesn’t love to be found in an unusual way? I certainly do. Here are some of the ways people have found me as of late. Enjoy.


Who is drinking with Kanye in the photo she discovered? You know, I really don’t know, but I’m dying to find out.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flow Chart. I am so proud that this particular search brought someone to my blog. I believe I can thank this lovely paragraph from my & Sons review for referring all things TMNT to FSR: “When attempting to eulogize his childhood friend Charlie, all Andrew can remember is that Charlie love bacon. He’d put bacon on anything. As this novel is set in New York, I am recommending bacon on pizza (Tomato, Bacon, Basil Pizza to be exact). Again with the pizza, you say? I hear you, but I crave pizza with the same intensity as Michelangelo (with the brain of Donatello). I realize the TMNT reference dates me, but it’s true nonetheless. Although there may be a whole slew of new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans with Michael Bay’s upcoming movie (therefore no longer revealing myself as a child of the ’80′s)… In regards to Bay’s version, I’m trying to quell my sense of impending doom.”

Colin Firth vs Richard Armitage vs Toby Stephens. A person after my own heart, obviously. Although I’m wholly devoted to the one and only Edward Fairfax Rochester (and Toby Stephens, by default), I suspect Richard Armitage would win every time.

(of note: The ‘Richard Armitage Orgasm‘ search still directs people to my blog a few times a week. What more can a girl hope for than to be the explanation for that statement?)

Girls Angry Sad Hungry Period. I should probably be offended because I am, in fact, delightful everyday of the month, but I’m sort of proud this search sent someone my way. But I feel the need to point out that both women AND men can be angry or sad or hungry on any given day of any given month.

Stephen King Rory Character. This is all I want. It is all I’ve ever wanted.

Love Short Girls. Scratch what I said above, this is all I ever wanted. There’s nothing wrong with being short. I really enjoy it. Are there times I wish I was taller? Sure, but generally I’m happy being small (at nearly 5’2”). I was reading a book the other day (that shall remain nameless) where one woman was described as being short, but pretty anyway. This implies that short girls are less pretty simply because they are short. Let’s just blame this on Gwyneth Paltrow (otherwise known as the most beautiful woman in the world according to People), shall we?

List of Issues You Have. We’ve all got ‘em, let’s share. My issues include spiders, aliens, airports, a firm belief that all fruit should be served cold, a love of arguing (apparently this can irritate people), and my eternal awkwardness. Thanks for sticking by me.

Runner up for inclusion in this spot: Anxiety and Neurosis.

Nope. Seriously? Someone googled this in hopes of finding what…? Etymology? (Thought to be of late nineteenth century American origin, simply means a firm no. The “p” sound is supposed to signal the end of the discussion/question.)

Good Books. Simple, direct, and (hopefully) an accurate description of what goes on here. I thought I should include one appropriate search.

So those of you who are short, riddled with issues, a fan of TMNT, dying to be a (good) Stephen King character, or a Colin Firth/Richard Armitage/Toby Stephens fan – welcome. You’re in good company with the prison, sex, drugs, possible pornography, primates, illiterate girls, and the British Library searchers. Welcome to Fourth Street Review, please come again.

Image found here (original source unknown)

17 thoughts on “You Found Me How…? Part III

  1. I eagerly await for WordPress to populate the weird and random search terms people enter to get to my blog.


    1. I really don’t understand how it works. For whatever reason, people search things like “nope” and “The British Library” and stumble on my blog. They must be on page 50 of the results…


    1. Ha! To say the least. And yeah, she won this year. No one I would rank as really beautiful has ever won, hopefully this just means beauty really is subjective (because no guy I like ever wins sexiest man either…).

      I like being thin (even when I’m not), but I also prefer not to be able to count my ribs clearly. It’s funny how viewing these women can skew opinions. When I was younger, I remember being 96lbs and truly believing I was fat.


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