Six Degrees of Separation: 1984

“Welcome back to Six Degrees of Separation: a monthly meme in which you’re invited to link six books in a chain, with connections as logical or crazy as you like. This month, to celebrate the launch of her speculative-fiction novel The Ark, Emma and Annabel chose to begin the chain with George Orwell’s speculative fiction classic,Continue reading “Six Degrees of Separation: 1984”

America Pacifica by Anna North

From Goodreads: Eighteen-year-old Darcy lives on the island of America Pacifica–one of the last places on earth that is still habitable, after North America has succumbed to a second ice age. Education, food, and basic means of survival are the province of a chosen few, while the majority of the island residents must struggle toContinue reading “America Pacifica by Anna North”