Fever Pitch // Six Degrees of Separation

Better late than never should be my new life motto. The idea behind this exercise is to connect books in any way that’s meaningful to you, from the profound to the inane. Although Kevin Bacon is typically behind the six degrees game, books are just a bit more fun. Fever Pitch is Nick Hornsby’s ode to soccerContinue reading “Fever Pitch // Six Degrees of Separation”

From Wild to All the Bird, Singing: Six Degrees of Separation

I like the idea of everyone or everything being separated by six degrees or less (although Kevin Bacon is what I think of when I hear the phrase…), and though it’s been a while since I joined in this meme created by Annabel Smith and Emma Chapman, I’m happy to be back with Wild byContinue reading “From Wild to All the Bird, Singing: Six Degrees of Separation”

Six Degrees of Separation: 1984

“Welcome back to Six Degrees of Separation: a monthly meme in which you’re invited to link six books in a chain, with connections as logical or crazy as you like. This month, to celebrate the launch of her speculative-fiction novel The Ark, Emma and Annabel chose to begin the chain with George Orwell’s speculative fiction classic,Continue reading “Six Degrees of Separation: 1984”

Six Degrees of Separation: Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

Six degrees of separation is a new meme hosted by Annabel Smith and Emma Chapman. Here’s the idea: Annabel and Emma will choose a book they’ve both enjoyed and then link them together. Books can be linked in obvious ways – for example, books by the same authors, from the same era or genre, orContinue reading “Six Degrees of Separation: Burial Rites by Hannah Kent”