Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas

In the third entry into the Friday Harbor series, we are introduced to Zoe Hoffman, an almost comically beautiful, divinely talented chef for a local bed and breakfast. After having her heart broken from a surprise ending to her first marriage, Zoe is ready to give up on love. Alex Nolan, who’s never believed inContinue reading “Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas”

This Bright River by Patrick Sommerville

Ben Hanson grew up as a privileged pothead with not particular direction. Lauren, labeled early on as a genius, always knew she would be a medical doctor. Life takes the two St. Helen’s, Wisconsin residents on separate paths. Ben makes a series of unintelligent choices, leading to a stint in a minimum security prison. LaurenContinue reading “This Bright River by Patrick Sommerville”

Bag of Bones by Stephen King

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, so in honor of this, I will be reviewing (and whole heartedly recommending) one of my favorite novels of all time – Stephen King’s Bag of Bones. Bag of Bones is what I would consider a departure from typical Stephen King books. First and foremost,Continue reading “Bag of Bones by Stephen King”

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman: review and recipe

Sally and Gillian Owens are orphaned at a very young age. Knowing that someone had to be responsible, 4 year old Sally takes fate into her own hands and calls her Aunts and asks to be taken in. Somewhat reluctantly they agree, and so begins the story of Sally and Gillian. In their new town,Continue reading “Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman: review and recipe”

How to Eat a Cupcake (and make one too)

  Julia St. Clair and Anita Quintana’s lives have been intertwined since they were toddlers. They grew up on the same property, attended the same schools, and were best friends…until high school. It was then Annie realized how different she was from the rich, beautiful Julia…she was the daughter of the help. Slowly their friendshipContinue reading “How to Eat a Cupcake (and make one too)”